One of THOSE Days…


You know what I’m talking about. Today has been one of the longest days EVER, with several very huge projects all coming to fruition today.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about having a great job in a terrible market. I’m just tired and venting – is that not what a blog is for?? If I can’t complain here, where can I complain? I have to share the load of whining between the blog and the hubs, lest he think I am a perpetually negative person (which is pretty much the opposite of my personality). Also, the blog cannot pour me a glass of wine or give me a foot massage – so it could never replace my loving hubby :)

With any major announcement or project, there will always be some last minute fires, freak outs and fixes. Today was no exception. So in many respects, it was “business as usual” in the hectic life of a communications gal. Yes, I realize I chose this profession. Yes, I have said (and continue to affirm) that I live for the fast pace and stress my job offers (it’s WAY better than being bored). Today has just been really taxing and I need some dinner and a good night’s sleep.

It’s just been one of THOSE days. One where I’ve wanted to cry a few times. One where I’ve wanted to say things that no Christian woman should ever say. One where it seems like nothing is going my way.

I’m going to start calling these days Job days. Not j-ah-b, but J-oh-b, as in the man from the Bible. God took everything away from Job, yet he never turned away and always kept his focus on Him. Yes, that is what I’m going to do. When life hands me difficulty, I will channel my inner Job and fix my eyes upon things above, rather than the things of this world.

Man, scripture is amazing. (And I hope you liked following along with how my brain operates – I literally decided all of these things as I was typing.)


About Brittney

Being born and raised in Texas and attending the University of Texas, there were two things in life of which I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN: 1. That I would never leave Texas and 2. That I would NEVER date a Sooner. Boy was I wrong!

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