There’s Something in the Water


I’m about to start a bottled water-only drinking habit. Seriously – there is something in the water. And that something makes you get pregnant or start trying to get pregnant.

Pregnant juice??

It seems like every person around me – whether physically or on Facebook – is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Half of my Junior League provisional class is pregnant. A huge portion of my friend circle is pregnant. A handful of people are trying to get pregnant. People are adopting babies left and right. BABIES, BABIES, BABIES!

It makes me feel bad that I’m not on the Baby Train (yet). I’ve had this conversation with several of you – about how I feel like a terrible person for having zero interest in getting pregnant right now – and I realize that it’s just because it’s not my time yet. We just got married. I’ll know when it’s right. Do your travels first. Blah, blah, blah.

I get it. I don’t think I’m a terrible person (most of the time). But that doesn’t change the fact that there is something in the water!

I don’t my mommy/pregnant friends to think that I am not happy for them. I am. I am over the moon happy for you guys and can’t wait to cuddle, hug and kiss your little babies – and then hand them back to you when they start crying. I know, my time will come – your children will be potty trained by the time mine can roll over. You will laugh at my first time mommy freak out moments. And that’s okay. All in due time and good fun.

But until that I HAVE TO HAVE A BABY moment hits – it’s bottled water for me :)

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  1. I’m right there with you girl! Of course, I’m a further step behind you b/c I’m not married, but the clock is not ticking at all for me. It seems like everyone around me is preggers. It’s actually kinda weirding me out b/c I’m so far away from it.

    Enjoy your bottled water! XOXOXO

    • Right?? Glad you get it. Whenever someone tells me they’re pregnant or trying, it makes me want to drink a bottle of wine then eat some soft cheese and ride a roller coaster. Just because they can’t.

  2. We’ve been married 8 years and still aren’t there yet. Most of my friends are on their second or third baby by now. But yeah, it’s crazy when *everyone* else is pregnant… not in a “wish I was, too” kind of way, just in a “wow, that’s a lot of babies!” way. About 4 years ago, I counted and had 60+ friends / acquaintances pregant or just having had babies. I know I offended one of my friends by just being like “Oh, that’s great…” when she told me but when I explained how many people I knew who were pregnant and how I’d run out of exciting things to say, she understood… or at least pretended to. :-)

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