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39 Weeks!

39 Weeks!

Today is a milestone day – it’s my last day of work before Luke arrives! He isn’t due for another 6 days (but who’s counting?), but I’m going to take some time to clean, relax and do whatever I want without being responsible for another human being’s life. So far on my to-do list are:

  • Cook and freeze meals for the first weeks of Luke’s life
  • Dust the blinds and fans in the house; dust the baseboards if I can get to it (probably not)
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop every floor in the house
  • Have lunch with Aunt Darla, mom and Kourtney
  • Take the dogs to the dog park
  • Enjoy our last “family of two” staycation (details are still a surprise from Chad!)

This is a pretty solid list, I think. If Luke comes before any or all of these happen, that’s okay! Except I really would like to enjoy the one-day staycation tomorrow :) Anything else you guys think I should do? Sleeping in is a given – that’ll happen every day. I might even go get a mani/pedi, though the fingers and toes are looking pretty good right now.

And here are photos from 39 weeks exactly (workout gear) and 39 weeks, 1 day (work clothes) – because you’re all stalkers and I want you to see what the “last days” look like. Since we don’t know exactly when that will be, I’ll just start randomly taking and posting photos – text me if you want one :)

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Baby Classes: Complete!


Obviously nothing can adequately prepare you for parenthood, but we enrolled in three baby classes to help us learn a few things about taking care of a tiny human who is 100% dependent on us…it just seemed smart.

We actually did the classes in what I would consider reverse order – newborn, breastfeeding and then labor and delivery. In Our baby from the Newborn Care classthe newborn class, we changed clothes/diapers, bathed and aspirated a baby doll and learned about infant cues and some basic do’s and don’t’s. Breastfeeding taught us how to feed the child…obviously. And the labor and delivery class walked us through what would happen with my body during L&D and recovery, ways to cope with the pain, various pain relief options and a tour of the birthing suites/mother-baby rooms.

They were all helpful in their own way, but of course there is no “typical” labor or baby – so we’ll just have to play the cards we’re dealt when that day arrives. Let’s hope God deals us a stacked hand of short labor, high pain tolerance and a happy, healthy baby boy – but if not, He’ll be there to help us through :) Perhaps we’ll have Phyllis, the nurse who taught 2 of our 3 classes, as our mother/baby nurse!

Also, my doctor appears to be on the same page as me on every important baby birthing subject – how many people can be in the room, immediate skin-to-skin contact, delayed cord cutting and using a C-section as a last possible resort – so that’s great! Dr. Miller has been great through all of this and I’m starting to get really excited about Luke actually being here…which is good, since I’m 32 weeks pregnant!



Here is a list of friends who are expecting right now (and I know about their pregnancies and they’re public knowledge):

  • Jackie (boy/girl twins – due in October!)
  • Erin (TBD – due in December!)
  • Nicki (baby girl – due in October!)
  • Kelley (TBD – due in September!)

I still have several ladies on my prayer list for pregnancies and healthy babies, but it’s exciting to celebrate with these mamas! Jackie I’ve known since middle school, Erin is a sweet friend I met in Little Rock who is currently living in Germany, Nicki is also a sweet friend I met in Little Rock and Kelley is my former cardio hip-hop workout teacher/Houston Texans cheerleader. A diverse and amazing group of women!

Congrats, mamas! I promised Erin I’d be the voice of “it gets better” when our timezone difference is no longer an issue (because we’ll both be on Baby Time), so who wants to be that for me???

6 Month Checkup


Yesterday was my 24 week appointment and Luke is doing great! It was one of the 15 minute ones, so no ultrasound or anything fun – just heard the heartbeat and talked with the doc. I’ve only gained 5lbs so far, so Dr. Miller wants me to work out less hard (burn 500 calories or fewer, as opposed to 650 at boot camp) and eat at least 2,000 calories per day. The working out less strenuously should be pretty easy – especially since it’s going to start getting really hot soon – but eating 2,000 calories per day will likely be quite the challenge. I’ve started logging my meals into Lose It (yes, the app I used when trying to LOSE weight), but set my daily caloric intake goal to 2,000 instead of 1,500.

Here goes nothing! And here’s a picture of my 6 month baby bump :)

6 months - Luke

Bye Bye, Non-Maternity Bottoms


Well, today is the day – at 21 weeks, 4 days pregnant, I am no longer comfortable in my regular black pencil skirts. I haven’t tried to put jeans on since my 20 week photo (because it’s already too hot for jeans), but I can pretty much assume my jeans would also not be comfortable.

I’m told that it’s best to just embrace the maternity bottoms and that I’ll wonder why I waited so long once I have them. This is probably going to be true, but we’ll know for sure when Nordstrom Rack opens at 10 a.m. :)