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Happy Halloween!


Halloween is finally here, and that means the holiday season has officially begun! I’m not huge into Halloween, but I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I guess you could say I treat Halloween as a “warm up” holiday for the rest of the year. In the past, Chad and I have gone to Halloween parties dressed up as the popular girl and the nerd  or Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson (scary, I know – we hate the Cowboys!), but this year because Chad now works on the weekends a Halloween party just wasn’t in the cards for us. We did go to a haunted house, but it really isn’t worth mentioning (sniff sniff – we’ll miss you, $26).

However, we did get to carve pumpkins with our Immanuel family (Chris and Jennifer [and their daughter Kate], Andrew [Sara couldn’t make it], Dallas and Misty, and Katie [Dean couldn’t make it]). I must say, for our first attempt at pumpkin carving since approximately age 7, we seriously rocked it! Unlike all of the other couples, who chose to do their own individual pumpkins, Chad and I chose to work together on one design – a vampire bat. Look at the awesome pictures!

Scary Movie Month


It’s no secret that fall is my favorite season, and that October is my favorite month. Fall brings awesome weather, pumpkin flavored everything and burnt orange everything, straight from God. October means the heart of college football, NFL football and baseball playoffs – I mean really, this is my time to thrive!

In honor of fall/October/Halloween, Chad and I decided to watch a bunch of scary movies throughout the month. So far we’ve seen Psycho, The Crazies and The Hitcher. Psycho was dumb, The Crazies was good and The Hitcher is also recommended. To pick our movies, we’ve been going through the list of top horror movies of all time.

On the list, The Shining made a consistent appearance at the top. Chad was not interested in seeing The Shining because he said it was dumb, but I’ve always been interested in it. So, when AMC had a Steven King marathon this weekend, I signed myself up for it. As I settled in to watch the movie alone, I thought nothing of it.


Okay, maybe not EVER, but seriously – it was freaky. I’m a HUGE fan of psychological thriller books and movies, and this was no exception. The music made it EXPONENTIALLY scarier – well done, Stanley Kubrick. So, while I was totally freaked out and scared out of my mind, I loved the movie. (Apologies to my friends on Twitter/Facebook who were subject to my live updates while watching the movie – it made me feel like I wasn’t alone.) However, I won’t be watching super scary movies alone any more – clearly this was a mistake.

Bottom line – scary movies are fun, especially during October. However, they’re definitely date night events – not to be viewed alone – so that you can snuggle with your sweetheart when you feel scared :)