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Rough Morning


So, I had a really rough morning today. I woke up at the crack of dawn to make spaghetti for our friends Jennifer and Mark, since they just had a baby and that’s what you do (plus, something tells me they’re a little too busy to cook right now!). While opening a can of tomato sauce, I cut my finger pretty badly and was bleeding everywhere, for 25 minutes. Chad was alseep (he stayed over), so I woke him up to see if he would open the rest of the cans of sauce, since I couldn’t use my left hand at the moment.

Bless his heart, he was really groggy. He didn’t understand why I needed him to help me (apparently the “I’m bleeding profusely” comment didn’t sink in), so he was cranky (his word, not mine). Somehow, the can of tomato sauce exploded all over him, the kitchen counter, the window, the floor and everything else within a 3-foot radius. Lovely. Chad was covered in tomato sauce from head to toe, as was my kitchen. I couldn’t help but laugh at our misfortune.

So, we got everything cleaned up and Chad finally noticed the blood soaked paper towels around my left index finger. He was like OH MY GOD WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND GET YOU STITCHES! After assuring him it was just a puncture wound in a place that has my pulse racing through it, we got a band-aid and Chad went blissfully back to sleep.

After getting everything finally ready to go, I was out the door. Without my coffee. SIGH. And of course, because of all the ruckus, it was too late for me to stop at Starbucks or any other coffee shop. WAH WAH.

Of course, there are 9,000 things going on at work, including the huge major gigantic super important debut of our company’s new internal newsletter – something I’ve been working on for MONTHS. Needless to say, my fuse was short today, so when my co-worker sneezed 800 times in a row, I snapped at her. Sorry, Tara.

However, the day has picked up since then, and I’m very much looking forward to the weekend! Chad and I are going to see Mark and Jennifer’s new baby tonight, and Lindsay will be here tomorrow afternoon for a weekend full of BESTIE time. LOVE!!!!!



Okay, y’all…a rant. So I had a doctor’s appoitment this afternoon (I’m fine, thank you), so I worked from home at the end of the day, just to finish a few things up. Well, I don’t have wireless in my house, so I set up shop in the reception room of my apartment complex. No big deal, I’ve done it before.

Well today, some dude comes in and decides to play pool. I’m okay with that, I’m used to lots of noise when I’m working so it’s not a problem. After all, it is a common area, so I can’t expect to monopolize it. HOWEVER, it was his behavior while shooting pool that was OBNOXIOUS.

I’ve played pool before. Other than the initial break, the shots aren’t that noisy. ALL OF HIS SHOTS WERE NOISY. Also, if you are playing pool by yourself, it is NOT necessary for you to get all angry and cuss like a sailor because the ball didn’t go in the pocket! I mean REALLY, old balding man, GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!!! And did he stop at one game of obnoxious pool? NO! He played twice! AND, while he was playing, he got UNCOMFORTABLY close to me and stuck his butt in my face while shooting – he didn’t even apologize or anything! GROSS.

So that is my rant. Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here is the stealthy picture I snapped of him (ignore the bad lighting, I had to disable the flash for obvious reasons).

A special shout out to Lindsay, Sarah and Lindsey for listening to this rant via G-chat. You guys are troopers. Also, some of you may be suprised (as Sarah was) that this is not a photo of a young, attractive man. Do you think this post would have been a rant if that were the case? No. Plus, all of the young, attractive male pool players are doing so at a bar, where they can meet chicks.

And now I’m going to go bake. Because that’s what I do.