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Happy Leap Day!


It’s February 29, that special day that comes around once every four years. Except really, it’s nothing special – it’s just like any other day – but hey, I’m always down for a reason to “celebrate.”

Yesterday I thought Leap Day was going to postpone our paychecks by a day – so I was not a fan. But today I discovered that we had, in fact, been paid – Leap Day, you’re back in my good graces!

Admittedly, we’re not doing anything special tonight. I’ll rush home after work, scarf down some dinner and then head to church like I do every Wednesday night. I’ll get home around 7:30 and curl up on the couch with The Hubs to chat about our day and watch Modern Family. Sounds like a pretty good Leap Day to me.

And if you’re one of the few people who read the above paragraph and said to yourself “But The Weatherman isn’t off on Wednesdays, he’s off Thursdays and Fridays??” first of all, wow. You’re good. Second of all – there will be severe weather/tornadoes in Arkansas on Friday, so he’s going to have to go to work then :( Which is sad, but it means our steak, baked potato and asparagus dinner is getting bumped up to Thursday, when he’ll be home all day and have plenty of time to marinate/grill over the coals :) HEY! I just realized that’s tomorrow! YAY!!! I love me a good steak.

Clearly I am very, very random.

Book Review: The Marriage Plot


Have you ever read a book and just thought to yourself, “I am not smart enough for this book?” That’s kind of how I felt about this book.

Not that the story line was particularly complicated – in fact, it is your classic story of a woman choosing between the man who’s all wrong for her, but she’s totally head over heels for and the guy who’s perfect for her, but she has no romantic feelings for. It’s just the fact that it’s a book about Ivy League, rich students/recent grads. The dialogue, and some of the talk about courses, etc., were WAY too smart for me. Thankfully, that was not the majority of the time :)

The term “The Marriage Plot” is taken from the period of Victorian novels, where families (often the mothers) plotted to have their daughters married off to wealthy gentlemen, securing a posh lifestyle and ample money (without actually having to work for it). If you’ve ever read anything by Jane Austen, you know exactly what I’m talking about. That is, in essence, the story – Madeleine must choose between manic-depressive Leonard and Religious Studies aficionado Mitchell. The story of love and life pursuits goes on, and it’s ultimately a great read. I would definitely recommend this book – if you have a flight, vacation or just some spare time on the horizon, this would be a great time filler.

Special thanks goes out to my husband who, having overheard me complain of the 27-person waiting list for this book at our local library, bought me the book that very same day – the fact that the next day happened to be my birthday and he was able to shower me with gifts was just icing on the cake :)

Meet My Niece, Liliana Marie!


That’s right! Kourt gave birth yesterday morning to a beautiful baby girl, Liliana Marie. She came into the world at 7:42 a.m., weighing 6 pounds, 7 ounces and is 18 inches long. Mom and baby are doing well, and she is as cute as can be!

Payton is adjusting well so far – he’s such a sweet big brother! He wanted to hold and kiss Lilly all day and was so gentle with her. Let’s hope he keeps this up when everyone is home from the hospital!

Chad and I are very excited to have a niece, and he is already asking how we can spoil her :) She’s a very good baby, very mild mannered (thus far) – we changed her outfit 4 times yesterday (she has A LOT of clothes, hats and headbands, so naturally we wanted to take tons of photos in each ensemble) and she didn’t even cry! Amazing.

Here are a few of the photos from Lilly’s first day in the world, but if you’d like to check all of them out, head on over to my Facebook page!

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Change of Plans


This morning Chad and I slept until 10 (it was GLORIOUS) and then headed downstairs for breakfast. My Saturday agenda included breakfast, reading, a nap, a Downton Abbey season 2 marathon and dinner with my husband (to be repeated on Sunday and Monday, as Monday is a holiday). However…

I’d left my phone downstairs overnight, so as things were cooking, I decided to give it a look-see. I had a text message from my mom saying my sister (Kourtney) was going to have the baby on Monday via C-section and really wanted me to be there for the delivery. After a quick look at and, I found a round-trip flight to Houston on Continental for just $160 – yes, even though it left just hours later. How awesome is that?? So it was upstairs to shower and pack, then off to the airport.

After almost an hour delay (ugh), I finally took off for Houston. Kourt and Payton were there to pick me up and we went straight to Chuy’s for some Mexican food. I know, shocking – I had Mexican food during a trip to Houston?! Then it was some fun at Target and Ulta (I got the fancy blow dryer I’ve been wanting – thanks to the birthday money Mommy gave me!), and then home to play Spiderman video games with the monkey :) Now, Preggers is on an ice cream run and has already requested crawfish for tomorrow night’s dinner.

Not what I’d originally had planned for the weekend, but awesome nonetheless!

First Married Valentine’s Day


Yesterday was our first “married” Valentine’s Day, and it was one for the books. In the past, celebrating Valentine’s Day on the ACTUAL day has been a very rare occasion, considering it often fell on a weekday and we lived 7 hours apart. But, now that we’re married, that distance thing is no longer an issue (knock on wood).

The day started with me going to the gym (I know, you’re shocked). When I came back, The Hubs had set out my gift and card on the kitchen counter, as we are like children on Christmas morning and can’t wait till the evening to open presents :) I got a super sweet card and a blooming flower in a vase from Hallmark (at my request, the budget was slim). I got Chad a card that I found in Michigan in January (I really liked it, so I scooped it up at their Target, in fear of not being able to find it in Little Rock), a House Divided Texas-OU flag (We’ve literally talked about this since we very first started dating. Our then non-existent home office would be Texas-OU themed with various forms of collegiate collateral everywhere. Now, said office exists, and it was time to purchase the coveted flag.) and a couple’s massage (hence why I requested he spend virtually nothing on me – I’d taken care of us!).

After work, it was time for a glass of wine and good conversation on the couch (actually, I made Chad sit with me on the LOVE seat, since it was Valentine’s Day and all) before heading off to our dinner reservation.

Side note – I was really excited to get a dinner reservation on Valentine’s Day at 6:30 p.m. when I didn’t even request said reservation until the day before. Chad was supposed to work on Tuesday, but Monday’s snow meant he had to go to work at 4:30 a.m. and as a reward, he got Tuesday and Wednesday off. Thus, we were actually able to go out for Valentine’s Day!

First MARRIED Valentine's Day!!

We arrived at Papa Sushi for a hibachi dinner (we love hibachi). The sushi bar side of the restaurant was PACKED – not an open seat, and very loud and chaotic, with waiters running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The hibachi side, however, was completely empty! What I thought would be a “group date” style outing turned into a VIP-style dinner, as Chad and I were the only people at the hibachi table. We were also seated near a live piano player, so it felt very romantic – it was a nice surprise! We had great service (being the only people on that side of the restaurant) and walked out with a very modest Valentine’s Day tab – exactly $50 for steak, shrimp and dessert, and including a very generous tip for our awesome waiter. As an added bonus, I was given a single long-stem red rose after dinner, just like on our first date!

So romantic :)

Then it was back home for some couch snuggling and movie watching. You’d think we’d watch a romantic comedy or love story of some sort – NOPE! We opted for our favorite movie, “Liar, Liar,” and quoted along with every word throughout the flick. It’s a favorite past time – don’t judge!

All in all, it was a GREAT Valentine’s Day – and today marks 7 months of being married! I know, 7 months is a random thing to get excited about, but we met 07/07/07, so 7’s are kind of our “thing.” We’ve already said that for our 7th wedding anniversary, we’re going to go/do something very nice – while most people would celebrate the 5th or 10th year milestone, we like to shake it up :)

THIS is why I Plan


It’s been said a time or two that I need to loosen up and be more spontaneous. Yes, I can be a little high-strung, obsessive and anal about things going JUST RIGHT, but I still manage to have a heck of a lot of fun during the process.

Last night, I tried to be spontaneous. I suggested to The Hubs that we go bowling for a casual, carefree and cheap night out, and after a bit of convincing, he agreed. So, we hopped in the Corolla and headed to the lanes. We get there and it’s 60% (or more) empty, but we can’t bowl because lanes have been promised to leagues and large groups that will be there in an hour. Undeterred, I said “Fear not – I know where another bowling alley is!” so it was back to the Corrolla. We arrive at bowling alley #2 only to hear the exact same story. So much for spontaneity.

THIS, people, is why I plan. Normal Brittney would have called ahead to reserve a lane for an hour. She would have had this idea days before it was time to go. Normal Brittney would not have been saddened by the inability to bowl (which, frankly, she is TERRIBLE at, but it’s comical to try). Normal Brittney would have ensured the right to bowl.

On a related note – who knew bowling was so popular?? Did I go in a time machine to 1973?? I mean seriously!

Oh well. We ended up going home, making dinner and watching Modern Family. And playing the new craps app on Chad’s iPhone. Contain your jealousy.

Inappropriate Financial Blog Post


First and foremost – I am going to talk about something that you’re not supposed to talk about. Finances. I will not give specifics, but if this makes you uncomfortable in any way, feel free to stop reading now.

In recent weeks, I’ve had conversations with some of my close friends about finances. It’s no secret that I really want to own a house. It’s also no secret that I’m up to my ears in student loan debt. We are also tithers, so a good portion of our income goes to church (this is not a complaint – we’re very proud of our ability to do this). With this and other financial obligations, we’re a ways away from homeownership. But I figured out that my unhappiness stems not from being a renter, but from comparing myself to others. So I’m just going to stop that.

In further inappropriate financial news, we did our taxes today! We are getting a good sized return that will allow us to pay off my engagement and wedding rings (because I just HAD to have the giant ones), our entire trip to Vegas (we gave ourselves $XX per day, and every day is covered) and also make a good deposit into our savings account. WHOO HOO! And as a word to the wise: if you’re married, do your taxes twice – once as married filing jointly, and once as married filing separately. For us, the difference was $1,000! Awesome.