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Memorial Day Weekend: A Recap


I always find it strange that we say “Happy Memorial Day,” when in reality something like “Somber Memorial Day” would be more appropriate. Before we get to the silly things we did over the weekend, let’s just pause and reflect on the fact that thousands have died defending and protecting this country – the ones we honor and celebrate on this day are not here to boat and BBQ with us.

With that said, Memorial Day weekend 2015 was a good one. Friday, I had a half day of work (very productive) and was able to clean the house the second half of the day (also very productive). We went out on a double date with another couple-friend of ours, Kristen and Jordan. Dinner was yummy and the conversation was the best part of the evening, but the restaurant’s service and atmosphere were a bit off.

On Saturday, we headed to Lake Livingston to meet up with the family for a day on the water. The sprinkles came and went, but we still had a great time on the boat with mom, Chris, Kourt and the monkey children. I have no pictures because phones and boats don’t mix.

Sunday was church, errands and laziness. Monday was baseball, gym and nail appointment. Monday night into Tuesday morning was RAIN RAIN RAIN and half of Houston is underwater. Everything in Spring/Klein is just fine, but the roads into my office are impassible and my building is without water and AC – so it’s a work from home day for me. Chad’s school district cancelled classes as there was some bad flooding off of 290 (where most of his ISD is located), so he’s enjoying a day of relaxing ahead of finals prep. As usual, Cooper was scared of the rain and got to spend 2-5 a.m. in bed with mom and dad.

Happy Birthday, America!!


Happy 4th of July, everyone!! What better way to celebrate our nation’s independence than food, friends and fireworks?! There is no better way!!

An added bonus to this year’s July 4?! Chad has the day off!!! Chad NEVER gets holidays off of work, so it’s a super special day for me!

We’re celebrating by relaxing at the house and then heading over to our friends Danny and Laura’s for some food and fun. We may even see fireworks from their backyard!

Hope everyone is having a great holiday!!

Happy Texas Independence Day!!!


Today is Texas Independence Day! On this day in 1836, the Mexican Army surrendered to the Texan Army and we became a free nation. Hallelujah!

Those outside of Texas my not understand the sanctity of this day. You may not understand how in the world we Texans get so fired up about this. Liken it to your celebration of the Fourth of July, but just for us. Go ahead and check out the official Celebrate Texas website and educate yourself. I’ll wait.

So now you know the story of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of Goliad. You know our heroes cried “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” and despite being grossly outnumbered, we were able to defeat the Mexican Army. Loves it.

I found this article earlier today and shared it on Facebook and Twitter – I think you should see it too :) I understand that it may be difficult to understand just WHY Texans love Texas so much – and this article does a great job of summing it up!

I leave you with this: a photo montage of historical Texas images. May God bless you, and God bless TEXAS!

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What a Difference a Year Makes!


Wow! First of all, I have the most amazing husband, family and friends. You guys really know how to make a girl feel special, and your birthday calls, texts, tweets, FB messages, IMs, cards, gifts and food were all ACES in my book! You rock. Seriously.

As you know, yesterday was my 26th birthday, and I’m officially closer to 30 than I am to 20. But, like a fine wine, I get better with age, so BRING IT ON, life! :) I digress. This year’s birthday was one of the best yet – and a complete 180 from last year’s monstrosity.

Last year, my mom, sister and nephew booked flights to Little Rock for my birthday. We were all going to spend time together in the city I’d called home for 4 months – it was going to be a jolly good time, I tell ya. And my brand new fiance was going to be there too – what wasn’t to love? SNOW. That’s what. Snow was NOT invited to my 25th birthday party, but it crashed any way, dumping 7 inches of the powdery white stuff all over Central Arkansas, effectively shutting down all forms of transportation (including the airport) and forcing Chad to go to work. So what did I do? I sat in my apartment and cried, alone. I cried because I was in a new city, away from everyone I’d ever known and had no friends. I cried because this was my first birthday away from Texas and because my perfectly laid plans had been smashed to pieces. I cried because that’s what you do in a quarter-life crisis.

This year, however, was AWESOME! I woke up and started my 26th year with a nice run. I came home to find my birthday presents from my HUSBAND (yay for the first married birthday!) all laid out – he couldn’t wait until dinner to give them to me. Over the course of the day, I had countless messages in every medium possible (thanks again!), two delicious birthday meals, birthday cupcakes from my Junior League friends and even more gifts from family waiting to be opened. All in all, it was a GREAT day, thanks to all of you!

So the next time you think things are particularly crummy, I say “just give it some time!” Turns out that’s all I needed to go from one of the worst birthdays EVER to one of the BEST birthdays ever!

Love you all!

(And for those of you wondering, Chad got me two books and the Coach Poppy perfume I’ve had my eye on for months – thanks babe!)

Christmas Vacation!


It’s the most wonderful time of year – Christmas vacation time! I’m lucky to have December 22-January 4 off from work to rest, enjoy the holidays and take care of some things around our house (that last part is definitely the minority!)

To start my vacation off right, the world’s most amazing husband (MINE!) bought me a massage at Ava Bella Day Spa. You’ve heard me blog about Ava Bella and Josh (the masseuse) before – and this time was equally amazing. Seriously – is there a better way to kick off a two-week vacation than a massage? I think not.

I slept till 9 today, ate breakfast with my hubs and then worked out. Yes, you read that right – I went to the gym and worked out for a whole hour. I’m already feeling the pain. After a quick shower, I went shopping with my friend Laura who had just a few last minute gifts to pick up. After that, it was time for a holiday tradition – cookie baking. Chad loves chocolate chip and I really wanted to use my Christmas cookie cutters and decorate, so I bought the ingredients for sugar AND chocolate chip cookies. I know we’ll eat a few, but something tells me the kids over at Fox 16 and our friends at Immanuel will be recieving baked goods this weekend :)

Chad FINALLY put my presents under the tree, and now the anticipation is KILLING ME! I wasn’t curious at all until he put them under the tree and now it seems like the clock is ticking at a record slow pace. Is it Sunday yet?? :) I’m excited to give him his gifts too – I think he’s really going to like them!!

After presents, breakfast, church and lunch on Christmas Day, I’m heading to Houston to spend time with friends and family – mom even said we’re going to have a mother-daughter shopping spree on Monday the 26th! YAY! Mom is a good shopping buddy. If you’re in Houston the week after Christmas, give me a call! I’m going to squeeze in as many visits as I can!

What do you guys have planned for Christmas vacation? Anything exciting??