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Fancy Kroger


So, the coolest thing to happen to Little Rock is the addition of the new Kroger Marketplace store – or as I like to call it, Fancy Kroger. I’ve never heard of Fancy Kroger before moving here, but Chad took me there for the first time today, and it was seriously a crazy experience.

Imagine a Kroger, a tiny part of a Whole Foods, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, coffee shop, Home Goods and a jewelery store all under one roof – that is what the Fancy Kroger is. We started with the grocery store/coffee shop/Whole Foods section (they had the nice organic stuff and a bulk foods department), then made our way to the Wal-Mart-ish part, the tot he Home Goods/Bed, Bath & Beyond part, and finally to the jewelery store (weird, right?!). Like, it was for real diamonds and stuff from a legit nationwide jeweler. Insane. Why do you need all of these things, Fancy Kroger? You’re a bit overwhelming.

I tried to convince Chad that we should take pictures at the Fancy Kroger, but alas, he was not game. Probably for the best that we not look like a bunch of crazies…even though we kind of are :)

Also at Fancy Kroger – Chad was wearing an OU shirt and I was wearing a Texas shirt, prompting 5 different people to say something along the lines of “How in the world do you guys even like each other?” LOL. Too funny!

Happy Halloween!


Halloween is finally here, and that means the holiday season has officially begun! I’m not huge into Halloween, but I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I guess you could say I treat Halloween as a “warm up” holiday for the rest of the year. In the past, Chad and I have gone to Halloween parties dressed up as the popular girl and the nerd  or Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson (scary, I know – we hate the Cowboys!), but this year because Chad now works on the weekends a Halloween party just wasn’t in the cards for us. We did go to a haunted house, but it really isn’t worth mentioning (sniff sniff – we’ll miss you, $26).

However, we did get to carve pumpkins with our Immanuel family (Chris and Jennifer [and their daughter Kate], Andrew [Sara couldn’t make it], Dallas and Misty, and Katie [Dean couldn’t make it]). I must say, for our first attempt at pumpkin carving since approximately age 7, we seriously rocked it! Unlike all of the other couples, who chose to do their own individual pumpkins, Chad and I chose to work together on one design – a vampire bat. Look at the awesome pictures!

The Cruise Diet is ON


Well kids, with T-minus 7 weeks and counting until the cruise, I’ve reinstated The Cruise Diet. For those of you who’ve known me for a few years, you know I’ve been on an annual cruise for the past 3 years (this will be #4), and each year I go on The Cruise Diet to look smokin hot in those bikini-clad beachside photos.

As my girls over at Out of Control Fatroll can tell you, this is not about crash dieting – that never works. This is about making smarter choice and being mindful of portion sizes – something I’m okay at in general, but will be focusing more on in the next 42 days. I’ll also be upping my workout routine to 4-5 times per week, incorporating both cardio and strength training to get some more tone and lose a few pounds. If I lost 5 pounds in 7 weeks, I’d be a happy camper! (Plus, with the holidays looming, it’d be good to shed a few before the eating extravaganza begins!)

So, when I came across an article about 10 Guilt-Free Halloween Treats, I thought I’d share it with everyone. We all love candy, no doubt – but moderation is key. I’m also reading Bethenny Frankel’s Naturally Thin, which has some great, applicable advice for ladies who don’t want to obsess about weight and body image. That’s been something I’ve struggled with – I start obsessing, then it gets hard or I start letting myself down, so I just quit. If you go about it the right way, leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t about restrictions, but about really knowing yourself and listening to what your body is saying. I can do that!

So, for inspiration, I thought I’d post a few pictures that I think are when I look pretty – to give me encouragement and something to visualize when the workout/healthy lifestyle gets a little hard. Of course, most are from past cruises!



Okay, y’all…a rant. So I had a doctor’s appoitment this afternoon (I’m fine, thank you), so I worked from home at the end of the day, just to finish a few things up. Well, I don’t have wireless in my house, so I set up shop in the reception room of my apartment complex. No big deal, I’ve done it before.

Well today, some dude comes in and decides to play pool. I’m okay with that, I’m used to lots of noise when I’m working so it’s not a problem. After all, it is a common area, so I can’t expect to monopolize it. HOWEVER, it was his behavior while shooting pool that was OBNOXIOUS.

I’ve played pool before. Other than the initial break, the shots aren’t that noisy. ALL OF HIS SHOTS WERE NOISY. Also, if you are playing pool by yourself, it is NOT necessary for you to get all angry and cuss like a sailor because the ball didn’t go in the pocket! I mean REALLY, old balding man, GET AHOLD OF YOURSELF!!! And did he stop at one game of obnoxious pool? NO! He played twice! AND, while he was playing, he got UNCOMFORTABLY close to me and stuck his butt in my face while shooting – he didn’t even apologize or anything! GROSS.

So that is my rant. Oh, and for your viewing pleasure, here is the stealthy picture I snapped of him (ignore the bad lighting, I had to disable the flash for obvious reasons).

A special shout out to Lindsay, Sarah and Lindsey for listening to this rant via G-chat. You guys are troopers. Also, some of you may be suprised (as Sarah was) that this is not a photo of a young, attractive man. Do you think this post would have been a rant if that were the case? No. Plus, all of the young, attractive male pool players are doing so at a bar, where they can meet chicks.

And now I’m going to go bake. Because that’s what I do.



Oh. My. Gosh. you guys!!! I’ve been waiting a few days to tell you this because I had to let it sink in and be 100% true it was for real – but I am SO happy to announce that Chad and I are going to MEXICO December 9-13!!! It will be our very first trip together and Chad’s first trip out of the country. I cannot tell you just how excited I am about this – I LOVE to travel, and I love Chad, so this is the best of both worlds!!

Chad surprised me on Wednesday night by saying “You need to request off of work, and research which cruise you want to go on in December – we’re going.” That’s all I needed to hear!! Needless to say, I was ALL OVER IT and could not have been happier or more surprised. Chad knows how much I love surprises and “just because” things (not to mention my OCD love of planning!), so it’s like I got multiple gifts – the surprise, the planning and the trip itself :)

We decided to combine his birthday (December 8), Christmas and my birthday (February 7) into one big present. We got a great deal on the cruise and I am anxiously counting down the days until we are living it up on the Carnival Elation. We’re leaving out of Mobile, Alabama, and will be gone for 4 days, stopping in Cozumel, Mexico for some beach frolicking. What’s better, Carnival upgraded our room because I’m a past guest and because it’s Chad’s birthday – we’ll also receive the anniversary package because we weren’t able to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in July because Chad was busy moving to Little Rock! It’s like 4 holidays in 1!!! HOLLA!!!

The last time I went on a cruise to Cozumel it was with my BESTIE (Lindsay) and the good doctor (Andrew), and that was definitely a good time. This trip will be a little different – no longer am I a single 21 year old in her senior year of college – but it will definitely be amazing :)

46 days!!!

In the Cool Kids Club


As you know, Chad and I are both Christians and love Jesus with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We love the Lord and live to serve him, and we’ve chosen to honor God in our relationship by waiting until marriage to live together and sleep together (sorry if this is TMI, but I’m almost positive you all knew this any way). So, it was extremely important for us to find a church home together here in Little Rock – the first church that we would both be members of.

Before I got here, Chad “church shopped” and found Immanuel Baptist Church. He fell in love with it, and knowing what I wanted in a church, assured me that I would love it as well. So, when I got here, I went with him – and he was exactly right. Immanuel felt like home from the very beginning, and after a few visits, we made the decision to join.

So, on 10/10/10, we joined Immanuel Baptist Church here in Little Rock – apparently we like repetitive dates :) We’ve already met some great couples in the church and are looking forward to becoming even more involved. The Lord has blessed us so richly with love, salvation and forgiveness – it is truly an honor for us to give back to Him even the tiniest portion of what He has given us.

So, we’re in the Cool Kids Club – the Immanuel family. And what’s even better – Chad is going to be baptized on the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend, when my family will be in town. It’s going to be one of the proudest moments of my life, and I cannot thank the Lord enough for the wonderful man He has blessed me with!