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New Hair!


Like 99% of brides, I grew out my hair for our wedding. From engagement day on (December 10, 2010), I only had tiny trims of my long blonde locks so that my hair could be the right length for the hairstyle I wanted on my big day. I must say, it turned out beautifully!

Can’t tell how long it really was? Check out this picture from the last day of our honeymoon, as we waited for the resort staff to come pick us up and take us to the airport:

Freaky, right? So something had to be done. I am loyal to Samantha, my hairstylist here in Little Rock, and because she was on vacation at the end of August, the earliest I could get in was yesterday. You saw the two pictures I was debating between, and the unanimous choice was the Jessica Alba look (thanks to everyone who weighed in!)

Before I show you the new ‘do, let me advocate this – if your hair is long enough (read: if you have 10 inches or more to spare), please consider donating it to Locks of Love or a similar charity. As happy as I was to cut my hair (finally), I was exponentially happier knowing a person with cancer would benefit from a wig made from my hair.

Here is the last picture of my looooooooooong hair, about to be cut for donation!

And here is the final product! Thanks so much to everyone who has left such kind comments on my Facebook page – it has really made my day!

I really love it :) And best of all, my husband REALLY loves it! The joy and excitement on his face was indescribable – definitely the best part of the whole experience!!!

Cheryl’s World


My friend and former colleague, Cheryl (who also met her man online, just a few days before I met Chad), blogged about how the world would be different if she were in charge. I must say, I’m 100% down with Cheryl’s World and would move there in a heartbeat if I could!

Cheryl’s rules include basic tenants of chivalry, common sense, practicality, etc. – you can see them all here. Here are a few more rules I would add to Cheryl’s World – you know, if the ruler would allow it :)

1. Student loan debt is erased if you graduate with a 3.25 GPA or better. I am really not looking forward to paying back the $60,000 I owe UT for the REST OF MY LIFE, and I feel that my 4.0 and ongoing contributions to society, the workforce and the economy are a more impactful way to pay back the cosmos.

2. Mandatory volunteer work/service projects. The old adage is true – 20% of the people do 80% of the work. There are so many people in need today, and the majority of the world is completely okay with ignoring others and going about their daily lives. Did you know that if we all donated $10 there would be no hunger? If one person from every church in the world adopted a child, there would be no orphanages? Just think about how a few little things could add up to help society.

3. Everyone would get at least one month of vacation per year. There’s not a lot of work/life balance in the world today, and sometimes you just need to get away. Two weeks (10 days) of vacation is typically used for the holiday season and a summer trip – but what about the other 10 months out of the year? Happy workers produce better results, and I don’t think people would argue with my increased vacation schedule :)

What about you? What rules would you instate in your ideal world?

Your Favorite Volunteering Opps


Friends, I would like your input, thoughts, feedback and suggestions for some community involvement. As what I would consider a responsible adult, I feel compelled and excited to spend my time giving back to the community through various service and social organizations. Because I’m new to Little Rock, I am also using this as an opportunity to meet new people and become connected to my new home – hopefully I won’t be spending my weekends alone while Chad’s at work in the near future.

That being said, I’ve been researching some volunteer/service opportunities and will be joining the following organizations:

1. Little Rock Junior League: I’m really excited about this one, as a few girlfriends and former coworkers are or have been involved in their respective Junior League chapters, and all have assured me that this is a worthwhile organization. For those of you who may not know, the Junior League is an organization dedicated to connecting, empowering and growing young (under 45) women. I’m excited to meet and learn from some of the area’s brightest women, but sadly the next membership consideration period doesn’t open until early 2011. Stay tuned!

2. Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Mid-South: As many of you know, I interned and volunteered with MAW in college and absolutely loved it. It is truly an honor and a blessing to give back to the children who have endured such hardship at such a young age. Cancer has affected many people in my family, so I understand the struggles these families are going through and absolutely love seeing these kids’ pure joy and excitement, even in the face of unimaginable circumstances.

3. Junior Achievement:¬†I think role models are critical in the development of a child, and many underprivileged¬†children aren’t as fortunate as I was to grow up with strong adult role models. Thus, I’ve volunteered to be a Junior Achievement classroom mentor, serving one hour a week teaching children critical social, personal, moral and business basics in their normal classrooms. I will travel to MLK Elementary School in downtown Little Rock, an economically underserved school, and hopefully become a positive influence and lasting impact on some of tomorrow’s leaders.

4. Church: Chad and I haven’t found a church home here in Little Rock just yet, but rest assured that as soon as we find the right place for us and become members, I will become involved. I’m hoping to host a small group in my home for young couples, but I will remain in prayer about what opportunities are best for me and those around me. Because communication is my passion, I hope to find an opportunity similar to that with Woodlands Church, where I helped with various writing and social media projects.

5. Little Rock Texas Exes: Sadly, this chapter is not yet up and running, but there is a contact listed online. I emailed her last week and she said she’s still working to get our chapter organized and solidified, but once all of that is complete I will definitely sign right up! We Longhorns have to stick together deep in the heart of Razorback country!

This all seems like a lot and I’m worried that I’ll overwhelm myself, but for right now I think it’s manageable. I mean, each opportunity is only a few hours a month, and it’s not like I have an active social life right now… Plus, I want to spend my time in a way that is productive, not just watching TV or something.

So what about you? What organizations are you involved in, and how are you liking them? Any recommendations or suggestions for me?