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Friday the 13th


I’ve never been superstitious. The number 13 and Friday the 13th, have never been a bad omen for me. In fact, I’ve often had very GOOD days on Friday the 13th – and I know tomorrow will be one of those days as well!

Tomorrow, Friday, May 13, some of our most favorite people in Little Rock are throwing us a couples’ shower in anticipation of the wedding. I love any excuse to get a group of my favorite people together with good food and fun – weddings, holidays, tornado parties, etc. – so this should be SO FUN!

So take that, Friday the 13th – you are a good day in my book!

(Town) House Hunters


Hi all! Hope you had a great weekend and took some time to tell your mommy how much you love her :) Chad and I had a nice weekend and – for the first time in a long time – tornadoes were NOT on the agenda! Chad was really happy about that :)

What WAS on the agenda? House hunting! Chad and I have been scoping out places to live and got the opportunity to look at a very promising town house in West Little Rock. Since this will be our first time living together, we wanted a place where we would both be comfortable, and one that would fit all of our stuff! Needless to say, our wish list was kind of long for a rental – large kitchen, lots of cabinet space, W/D hookups, good closets, etc. BUT – we think we found the right place!

I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m not going to name the complex in which we’re interested just yet…but hopefully next week we’ll have some awesome news to share about our first place!! Cross your fingers, say a prayer and wish us luck!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!


My mom and I are, and always have been, very close. When you have a child at the ripe old age of 17 and take her with you to the mall and cruise Sonic (because that’s what you do in Small Town USA), you can’t help but form an inseparable bond.

Through it all, it’s always been me and mom (and eventually, me, mom and Kourtney). We’re the three amigos – we may not always agree on something, but God help the person that hurts one of us or tries to come between us. It can get ugly! And it has, on a few occasions. We won. We are undefeated in the battle of World vs. Us.

And in the insanity of all of this wedding planning, I wanted to take time to recognize my mommy for being so awesome through it all – she has been there when I needed her, offered valuable opinions while still letting me have what I wanted, provided perspective when I’ve gotten overwhelmed for no real reason, and of course – footed the whole bill.

But the wedding just scratches the surface of why I love my mommy – here are a few more reasons:

1. She never missed a volleyball, softball, basketball, track, cheerleading or theatre game/competition/show that I’ve ever been in. When we were growing up, she would drive back and forth across town to see both mine and my sister’s softball games. I’m sure that got old, but she never complained.

2. She’s so REAL. A lot of women grow up in this world with a negative self image, but not my sister and I. Mom always taught us to love ourselves and look out for each other – we don’t let “crap” get in the way of what’s really important.

3. She taught me that a woman can be strong, independent and successful – even when the odds are stacked against her. A 17 year old single mom who didn’t go to college doesn’t usually turn out her family’s first college graduates (Kourt’s still working on her degree, but she’ll get there), or two equally strong, independent and successful women who are kicking ass on their own. Yes, it happens, but the odds aren’t in your favor. But it didn’t happen by accident – it was always Job #1 for Judy.


Mommy & Me in Little Rock during Thanksgiving :)

Also, I would be remiss not to mention my soon-to-be Mother-in-Law! She is ALSO super amazing and quite possibly one of the most fun, energetic and happy people on the planet. Seriously – I won the MIL lottery!

Me, Carly (Chad's sister), and Lisa (Chad's mom) less than 24 hours after meeting (3.5 years ago). To say that we hit it off instantly would be an understatement!

Wedding Weight Loss


Like any bride, I told myself I was going to be obsessively devoted to diet and exercise from Engagement Day to Wedding Day. And like any bride, I’ve fallen off the wagon approximately 9,000 times.

My girlfriends (and of course the Weatherman) have been constantly supportive. From the “You’re beautiful as you are!” to the “Girl, you can do this! I’m with you!” comments, I’ve had the best people around me to keep me motivated and inspired. And yet…I’ve lost nothing. Seriously. Not even an ounce.

I’d be sad, but then I say to myself “Whatever. I’m pretty the way I am! Would I like to lose 10 pounds? Sure! Who wouldn’t? But you know what – at the end of the day, I am a classy, sassy, confident woman with an awesome job, great friends and the world’s best fiance – so what’s an extra 10 pounds? You can’t have it all, right?”

So to the haters – you can kiss all 150 pounds of my butt (because I’m pretty sure that’s where most of my weight is any way!) :) And by “haters,” I’m mostly talking to that inner negative voice to which we women so strongly cling.

But even though the scale really hasn’t moved, I can say I’ve noticed a difference in my body. I feel more fit/toned, and I recently bought some tiny bikinis that I never before would have felt confident enough to wear. VICTORY. Even if the only part of me that has actually gotten smaller is my ring finger (seriously, I have to get my engagement ring re-sized because it’s way too big now), I’m still happy with me just as I am.

And I think that kind of confidence is WAY prettier than a 135 pound me – it’ll look good walking down the aisle :)

Mother Nature Reads my Blog?


No really…she must. And she must take pity on my poor soul, because THE SUN IS OUT!!! It is a miracle in and of itself, people, and I could NOT be happier!

The view from the kitchen of my office. I don't have an office. I live in the windowless cube farm.

Well, that’s a lie – I would be happier if I didn’t have to be at work all day and if the Weatherman didn’t have to be at work all day and we could live happily ever after in the world of no work and constant sunshine. Who do I have to get to read my blog for THAT to come true???

The Royal Wedding


Y’all know I love me a good wedding – well, ever since I got engaged, any way. However, it is common knowledge that I have loved Prince William and Kate Middleton for many years now – I did, in fact, have posters of Wills on my walls as a child/teen. And ever since I first saw Kate Middleton, I thought to myself “WOW, she is SO gorgeous and has AMAZING hair – she is seriously blessed in the gene pool.”

So it should come as no surprise to anyone that I was among the crazies who woke up before dawn to watch the wedding of HRH Prince William of Wales to Miss Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, now known as HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and HRH Princess Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge. With weddings constantly on my brain, I could NOT wait to see Kate’s dress! Like Kate (probably the only time I can accurately use this comparison), my dress is a mystery to the world, so if my guests have 1 ounce the anticipation that I had for Kate’s dress, I’m chalking that up as a win.

So, when Kate finally stepped out of the car to reveal her dress to the world, I was as excited as a fat kid at a buffet. I loved her dress – although I would never have chosen it for myself – and thought it truly was what a modern princess would wear. The fact that she defied standards and did her own makeup and wore her hair down earned her extra points in my book!

What a dress!

STUNNING, am I right? After all of the specutlation, I really think she ended up with something people hadn’t guessed – well played, Kate!

I will say, however, that I think her sister Pippa kind of stole the show when it comes to fashion (not saying that all eyes weren’t on Kate – obviously, they were). Check out this frock (and holy crap she needs a cheeseburger!)


Like I said – that’s one heck of a gene pool. These two really won the DNA lottery!




I had a slight mental breakdown this weekend thanks to the Arkansas weather. It has rained/stormed/tornadoed/hailed EVERY DAY for going on two weeks now and I am OVER. IT. When I first moved here it was the snow, then the tornadoes, now the wind/rain/flooding – WHEN WILL IT EVER STOP??

There are parts of the country that would KILL for some rain right now – WHY ARE WE THE ONLY ONES GETTING IT?? ONCE AGAIN, the weather stole my man from me on Sunday, canceling yet another date. We don’t get a lot of time together, Mother Nature! Give a girl a break!

Seriously – I had a little bit of a breakdown this weekend. The weather was depressing, I was alone and then my brain started to beat itself up and spiral out of control. That’s normal, right? Stop judging me. THE WEATHER MAKES YOU DO CRAZY THINGS!! Haven’t you seen “The Shining?!?!”

Thank God there were no axes nearby.