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What a Week!


I had a really great first week at my “new” job! There was a lot of laughing and learning, and I am even more excited than I was last time I was here :) I’m on some very diverse accounts and have some steep learning curves ahead, but it’s so challenging and rewarding. Love it!

It was also my 27th birthday yesterday! Thank you all for your kind words of love via social media, texts, phone calls and cards. I have the best friends and family members in the world! Chad and I celebrated by having a very lovely dinner together at Americas in the Woodlands Waterway. It was gorgeous! And the food was delicious! Plus, they gave me a free piece of tres leches cake for my birthday – you KNOW how I feel about cake! Especially free cake! And as always, Chad spoiled me with gifts – a massage and a Hobby Lobby gift card, to help decorate our future home! Thanks also to my family-in-love for pitching in on those awesome gifts, and to my blood family for the awesome new work clothes! You know I needed them!

But the party doesn’t end there – on Saturday, we’re going to Papa’s house! Gigi is making crab legs and assorted Cajun goodies (she’s from Louisiana, you know!), and the whole family will be there. Whoo hoo!

And for those of you who’ve asked – no, we have not heard back on the house we put an offer on! BOO! We seriously have the WORST luck when it comes to house hunting!! What is the deal with that???

#mousepocalypse: it ends here


On Thursday night I came home from work with the intention to spruce up the place a bit (we had company coming over), fix dinner and then relax. That is, until I saw the mouse stuck to the trap in the kitchen…talk about a buzz kill!

Sure, I was still able to spruce up the place a bit, but I didn’t want to cook dinner – which would mean going near the mouse – so I leaped over the kitchen barricade (door we put on its side, in front of the entryway to the kitchen), grabbed a box of cereal, and returned back to the safe side. I then sat peacefully on the couch until Chad got home, just 10 minutes before our guest, and disposed of the rodent. Bless him.

But since that night, I am happy to report that we are completely mouse free! Could it be? Is the mousepocalypse over?? ARE WE VICTORIOUS?!?!

I sure hope so.

#mousepocalypse: the saga continues


This morning, we caught Mouse #3.

This was the first sighting of a Third Mouse. Dear God, please don’t let there be a Fourth Mouse.


In addition to the obvious grossed-out-ness of this whole thing, I am irked by the fact that we keep using our $8/pound colby jack cheese for these shenanigans. These mice have an advance palate, as they don’t react to anything else.

I’m also very angry about the apartment complex people’s refusal to TRULY do anything about the situation. While it’s great that you keep supplying new traps and will dispose of the vermin, I NEED YOU TO FIX THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Block their access to the inside of my house and call a real exterminator. Putting me on the list of places for pest control is NOT ENOUGH. I’m pretty sure they spray for BUGS, not RODENTS.

If we see another mouse after today’s pest control visit, I am marching straight into the office and asking for money off our rent. NAY – I WILL DEMAND IT!

#mousepocalypse: part 3


As you know, new traps were laid last night, in at attempt to catch The Giant Mouse. This morning, I awoke and hopped in the shower, while Chad went downstairs (per the usual routine). As I was putting on my makeup he comes to me and says “We caught a mouse on the sticky trap!” Rejoicing, I applauded the fact that our home was once again safe.

But the rejoicing didn’t last long.

“The mouse isn’t all that big – not as big as you described,” said The Weatherman. “I don’t think we’ve caught The Giant Mouse.” My heart sank – it was worse than I thought!

And then it got WORSE.

“Don’t come downstairs,” he said. “The mouse is wimpering on the sticky trap, and I know you don’t want to see it.” UGH.

We then discuss what to do about this situation. My vote for throwing it in the trash can and then immediately taken to the big community dumpster was vetoed immediately. In the end, we agreed to let it be until the apartment people would come deal with it, as to avoid getting bitten, contacting gross diseases, etc.

That lasted a few minutes, until The Weatherman returned upstairs for an old shoe. I asked no questions – there was an unspoken silence to recognize what was about to go down.

When completely ready for work, I called downstairs to The Hubs to ensure it was okay that I came down. I then walked backward down the stairs, picked up my purse and gym bag, and headed out. No need to fix breakfast – there are plenty of perfectly good Starbucks in this town – and no need to look into the still-barricaded kitchen area.

The apartment folks have since come and removed the vermin. They’ve supplied more traps and advice. No one knows why this torture is happening to us, or when the saga will end.

Dear God, let it be soon.

#mousepocalypse update


Here we are, just 36 hours after the initial mouse sighting. I’m happy to report that, as of this morning, the world has one less mouse in it! Even better – it was the GIANT mouse. Take that!

I don’t think Chad believed me when I told him how big the mouse was. He asked me to show him by holding up my hands, and then went on to say “Yeah, I don’t think it was THAT big, honey.” This morning, when said mouse was found in the trap, I was vindicated – and my terror was understood.

The giant mouse was immediate tried and convicted of terrorizing the woman of the house, and the jury unanimously decided its fate: the death penalty. What can I say, I’m a Texan!

We still have traps down and the kitchen barricade up, in the event that the smaller mouse decides he’s brave enough to return. This time, we’re ready.



The #mousepocalypse has arrived at our house. There are two mice, last seen scampering beneath the oven. We laid traps last night, and this morning woke up to find the cheese gone, but no trapped mice. This is war.

It all started while I was innocently watching the NLCS in the living room. Then I saw the furry beast scamper beneath my couch, and then run into the guest room. I shrieked, ran into the kitchen and jumped atop the counter. I immediately began calling, texting, tweeting and FBing the universe to alert them of my situation/predicament and solicit advice/help. Whilst sitting atop the kitchen counter, Beast #1 then scampered beneath my laptop bag, and Beast #2 poked his disgusting head out from beneath the stove. I was officially outnumbered.

My crying then went into full blown hysterics.

Then Beast #1 ran beneath the stove, and I kept watch from my perch until my friend Laura showed up with mouse traps in hand. God love her. It takes a real friend to leave the comforts of her home at 10 p.m., drive to Walmart for mouse traps and then come to your house to set them and sit with you until your husband comes home, so that you are not alone with the vermin.

So when Chad got home, he inspected the traps and calmed me down. Since I refused to set foot in the kitchen again, he made me a snack and then barricaded the kitchen with a wooden door we’d previously removed – those things wouldn’t be able to escapeĀ  and torture me in the middle of the night! Then we settled in to watch The Walking Dead.

After the show was over, we headed upstairs to bed. I passed the kitchen to inspect our brilliantly-laid traps, only to discover THE CHEESE WAS GONE, AND YET THE TRAPS HAD NOT SPRUNG. Those tricky mice! So we reset the bait and went to bed. I didn’t sleep much, thanks to nightmares filled with zombies and mice, and when we woke up, the cheese was gone again – and yet still no trapped mice. ARGH! So we called the apartment folks, they came to close up any and every gap I could find in the kitchen, and laid more traps.

You may have won the battle, mice. But you will NOT win the war!

Devil Birds


Our complex has been overrun by DEVIL BIRDS.

I don’t think it’s just our complex – friends from all over Arkansas are complaining about the unusually loud birds that chirp RIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR BEDROOM WINDOWS, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, at all hours of the day and night.

For about two weeks now, we’ve been woken up by birds before the sun. I mean really?? Chad gets so flustered that he goes outside and shakes the tree right outside our window (which usually works…for a while). This morning, as I was going to the gym AT 6:30 IN THE MORNING, there was a bird symphony going on. It was SO LOUD and there were SO MANY bird calls from EVERY DIRECTION. Seriously – I can’t put words to it. It was just. so. annoying.

Over the weekend, we tried to have a nice dinner outside on our back patio while the weather is cooperating. However, the birds were SO ANNOYING that we couldn’t even enjoy a nice dinner and conversation – we were just irritated. I don’t usually find chirping birds irritating – this is just a really extreme circumstance.

Some of my friends here in Arkansas know what I’m talking about here. We have friends who have a 2.5 year old and a 2 month old. The devil birds chirp so loudly outside the 2.5 year old’s window that she’s up at 5 a.m. THEY feel our pain. It’s even all over Twitter – the Arkansans have had ENOUGH with the devil birds!

So tell me – is this just an Arkansas thing, or are the devil birds elsewhere? Where are they NOT? I want to move there.