Brittney is a fun-loving Texas girl with a passion for Jesus, writing, reading and the Longhorns. She could sustain life on chips & guacamole and is a sucker for cuddly puppies, Starbucks holiday lattes and the Texans. If she won the lottery (which she doesn’t play), she’d give a bunch to church, pay off all of the immediate family’s debt, invest and then travel the globe.

Chad – a.k.a. The Weatherman and now The Teacherman and The Hubs – grew up in Michigan and made his way down south at the age of 18, with no intention of trading the sun for the snow. Besides his obvious love for the weather, Chad’s heart races for Sooner football, music and working out. He has a natural “way” with kids – they always flock to him, and away from Brittney. Opposites attract! He knew Brittney was the one from the very first date – and has the text message to prove it :)

We live in Houston, Texas, where Brittney works for an independent PR firm, and Chad is a former TV weatherman turned high school math teacher. No pets or babies yet, but we have dreams of both one day :)  We have two corgis, Cooper and Abby, and now we’re expecting our first baby! A boy named Luke Robert, due in September 2015.

DISCLAIMER: Everything written on this blog is my personal opinion and is in no way a reflection upon my employer or clients.

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