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My Last Single Lady Haircut


As most of you know, I’m obsessed with’s checklist of things I’m supposed to do for/before the wedding. Well, checklists in general, really. And this week one of the items was to get your final haircut before the wedding – so, I did.

I’ve been growing out my hair since engagement day, knowing that I would need long, luxurious blonde locks to achieve my wedding hairstyle of choice. Now that my hair is mid-back (seriously, it’s out of control), I am beyond ready for a change. In fact, one of the things I am looking forward to the most post-wedding is a serious haircut. No joke.

With that said – I need some help deciding on a super sassy post-wedding haircut. I’m terrible at choosing hairstyles, so I really do want your opinions and suggestions. Just keep in mind that I’m in Lindsay’s wedding in October and that I work out, so it needs to be restrained by a hair tie, clip, bobby pins, etc.

Keys = In Hand!


That’s right! We officially got the keys to our first place today, and the U-Haul truck is ready for pickup bright and early Thursday morning. We’ll take a few boxes over between now and then, but most of the heavy lifting (literally) will be done on Thursday. SO EXCITED!!

So, for those of you who have lived with boys/men before – what should I expect? Neither of us has ever lived with someone of the opposite sex, so this should be VERY interesting…

Super Bride


That’s right, you may call me Super Bride. I’veĀ  been in Houston for 4.5 hours and have driven across the entire city, eaten dinner with my sissy, picked up my engagement ring, shopped for honeymoon books (Hey Cheryl – I got Hunger Games! Hey Lindsay – I got the final book in the Mr. Darcy series!), picked out the booze for the wedding, hung out with my mom and have now typed a blog post. I’m pretty impressed with myself right now, especially considering I’m running on 5 hours of sleep and some of the busiest days EVER in both my professional and personal lives.

But looking at my engagement ring again – after being separated from it for three weeks – makes me feel much better :) SPARKLY!

Let's never part again!


The insanity starts again early tomorrow – up at 6, coffee date with Jenn, working half a day, birthday lunch with Aunt Julie, wedding appointments and finally back home to work some more. A bride’s work is never done.



The constant go-go-go of my life, my job and wedding planning are really starting to get to me. With just over 3 weeks until the big day, I still have huge boulders to move before I can say “I do.” Let’s just hope I live to say those magic words.

Tomorrow I will board yet another plan (that’s three trips in three weeks, in case you were counting), heading to Houston to accomplish all of the last minute wedding things that have to happen – wedding coordinator meeting, DJ meeting, booze choosing, ring pickup, drop off the cake topper and meet with the reception lady, just to name a few. Chad was supposed to come with me, but due to an unfortunate scheduling change, I’m now flying (literally) solo. I’ll come back to Little Rock on the first flight of the day on Saturday, heading directly to my house to pack up the entire apartment – we’re moving into the townhouse on 6/30. Yes – in one week.

In addition to the wedding stuff, work is OUT. OF. CONTROL. There are several HUGE things going on ALL AT ONCE and all of the information changes CONSTANTLY. Our poor 2-man internal communications team (me and Sara) is on opposite schedules (I was in SD, she was here. She’s in Minneapolis, I’m here.) and it’s just a LOT for one person to handle (but I must say, we are doing an amazing job!). We’re getting a lot of pressure on these huge projects from the C-suite, so we really can’t mess things up. Perfection is not optional.

As if that weren’t enough, for three days now I’ve had ringing in my ear that will. not. stop. Let me tell you – this is not fun.

And to top it all off, I have social/volunteer commitments aplenty. Make-A-Wish has nominated me for a leadership position, Junior League is kicking in, the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas is adopting a social media policy (I’m consulting) and then I have to make time for friends and fiance.

I’m tired just typing all of that. Do you guys have any suggestions for ways to relax and rejuvinate?

San Diego Bound!


That’s right, at 6 a.m. tomorrow my flight to San Diego from Little Rock takes off. Well, technically the flight is from Little Rock to Chicago, then from Chicago to San Diego…because you can’t fly anywhere direct from Little Rock :( That’s a whole other issue.

But, I am going to San Diego to attend the IABC World Conference, one of the largest corporate communications professional meetings in the world. There are people flying in from South Africa, Chile, Europe, Canada and all over the U.S. – I’m telling you, this is going to be an awesome event. I really look forward to meeting and mingling with some of the best and the brightest – Lord knows I have a lot to learn!

But, because I live in Little Rock, I have to arrive on Saturday, not Sunday, when the conference starts (no flights out of LR could get me to SD early enough). So – I have from 10:30 a.m. Saturday – sleepy time to entertain myself. Additionally, I’m free after 5 each day, and again from Wednesday at 2 p.m. – sleepy time before taking the first flight out on Thursday morning. With a whole day Saturday, evenings Sun-Tues and after 2 p.m. Wednesday free, what should I do with my time? What are your favorite places in San Diego? I’m especially interested in beaches, outdoor things and restaurants – especially budget-friendly ones!

Here are a list of things I already know about, but may or may not actually do (depending on availability):

1. San Diego Zoo

2. Pacific/Coronado/other beaches

3. Padres game

4. Sea World

5. Old Town


What do you suggest? Thanks for your help!!

Bridal Portraits are Here!!!


Well not HERE, as in on this blog…since the Weatherman is my #1 fan and a huge reader of this thing (RIGHT??). :) But I got the big email from my photographer yesterday and I spent hours going over all of the photos and I am SO happy with them! It’s so hard to pick a favorite to be the one that gets blown up and displayed at the reception – that may be the hardest part of the wedding planning so far! haha :)

So for those of you who are married – or for those of you who just have an opinion/experience/generally want to tell me what to do – how do I go about choosing the “best” one? Should it be a full body shot or a close up? Horizontal or vertical? Help a sister out!

And for those of you looking for the world’s greatest wedding photographer, I highly recommend Tina Chou from Agape House Studio in Houston, TX!