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The Dark Knight Rises – Movie & Tragedy


It’s no secret that Chad and I were excited to see The Dark Knight Rises last Friday. We’d purchased advanced tickets for the “Extreme Screen” at a local theatre and had planned our dinner and departure times precisely, in order to arrive 90 minutes early (so that we could get primo seating). In fact, I’m pretty sure Chad talked more about this movie than our first wedding anniversary :)

So when I woke up the morning of Friday, July 20, it should come as no shock that I was excited to hear the initial movie reviews and banter on the radio as I got dressed. But that’s not what I heard.

As reports of the Aurora theatre shooting rolled in, I was shocked, appalled, saddened and horrified. I immediately thought of the horrible shooting at Columbine High School, another suburb of Denver. This senseless, random, evil and unprovoked act of violence consumed the media and the minds of Americans the entire day – and continues still. How anyone could think to do this is beyond me, and breaks my heart.

Gone was the excitement and anticipation that had filled me for the days before. Instead, I was filled with anxiety, apprehension and a little bit of fear. After all, if it could happen to them, why not me? Lives changed forever in a matter of seconds – and there was little to nothing that could be done to change it. All day, thoughts and conversations around “What would you do?” filled my mind and mouth – and when we got to the theatre, you’d have been hard pressed to find someone who hadn’t discussed an exit strategy in the event of emergency.

When the lights went down and the movie began, the excitement began to return. About 30 minutes in, I’d completely shoved the Aurora tragedy out of my mind and was consumed by the film and its plot. Thankfully, nothing happened to us or our theatre – we were free to enjoy the final installment in a series we’ve loved for  years. I thought the movie was extremely good – well written, Anne Hathaway did a great job as Catwoman, and it tied everything from the previous films in nicely. It turned out to be a wonderful experience – unlike for those injured, killed or affected by the Colorado shooting.

I would definitely recommend the movie – and I’d also recommend that you take the time to tell the people you love just how much they mean to you. You never know when they could be taken from you.


Caution: Uncertainty Ahead


I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has sent kind words, well wishes and prayers our way in the past week. Immediately upon the announcement of Newport’s selling of many stations to other TV parent companies (including Chad’s current station), we’ve received an outpouring of love and support from all angles.

The truth is, we don’t know what the future has in store for us. We don’t know how this deal is going to shake out or how it will affect the staff. We have ideas, though. And we’re taking the steps we can.

We’re also letting go of the things we can’t control (which is a lot). Worrying gets you nowhere, anxiety is bad for you and frankly we don’t have the mental or physical energy to spend our days like that. We know that God has a great plan in store for us, and when it’s time for us to know what that is, He’ll tell us. Until then, we will pray and act as the Spirit leads us.

No one likes uncertainty – especially not control freaks like me. You guys know how I feel about plans – I LOVE THEM. And all too often I put too much stock in my own plans, rather than listening to what God’s plan is for us. I’m working hard on this, but it’s a daily, continual struggle. I keep repeating Philippians 4:6 to myself: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

I downloaded an app called “Prayer Cards” last night and today’s devotional hit me right between the eyes. The app is all about praying God’s word, and here’s what today’s prayer was: “Father, your word says that if your disciples believe, they will receive whatever they ask for in prayer.” And then it referenced Matthew 21:22: “And if you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

We ask that you would join us in praying for God’s will when it comes to the uncertainty we’re faced with. I will keep you updated on our situation!

Book Review: Chasing Harry Winston


I LOVED The Devil Wears Prada. Book and movie. Plus, I love Anne Hathaway. I digress…

Chasing Harry Winston is by the same author as my beloved The Devil Wears Prada, and when I was searching for an easy “beachy” read (even though it was for the flight to/from Vancouver), this bad boy was on sale at Barnes and Noble. You had me at hello.

CHW tells the story of three best friends in Manhattan, all looking for “The One.” Well, sort of. One is in a “perfect” relationship with the world’s dreamiest man – except she isn’t in love with him. Another gets her heart broken when her longtime boyfriend dumps her for his younger personal trainer. And the last is a Brazilian multimillionaire who sees men as nothing more than sexual conquests – and she’s winning. Over dinner and drinks (of course), the girls make a pact that sends them on interesting journeys for 1 year.

Let’s be clear – this was not a brain buster. But for what it was, it was entertaining. Headed to a beach soon? Taking a long flight? Taking a long flight to a beach? Consider this one!

Book Review: Likeable Social Media


On my recent business trip to Vancouver, I felt inspired to read a business-related book. And I‘m just now getting around to blogging about it, because when you go on a week-long business trip, you spend the next week catching up.

Likeable Social Media (which really has a much longer title) offered really excellent, practical yet enlightening advice for any communicator. Sure, it’s slanted toward social media strategy, but really it gives words of wisdom that can be applied to all areas of communication, if you spin them right. And if you’re a communicator, you definitely know how to do that!

Cheryl – I think you’ll particularly enjoy this book. Let me know if you’d like to borrow it!

Can You Feel It?


We can feel it! I’m talking about the love from our friends and family on our first wedding anniversary. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the kind words, texts, FB posts and other forms of communication all day long. We are incredibly blessed to have not only each other, but each of you in our lives as well.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we headed to Hot Springs for two days of fun. Well, what was supposed to be two days of fun. More on that later.

On Sunday morning we exchanged cards (I cried) and I gave Chad his present – we’re getting the Redzone Channel! It’s like crack for ADD NFL-aholics like Chad. Needless to say, he was PUMPED. Chad was mysterious about my gift, so off to church we went before making the quick drive down to Hot Springs.

We stopped for BBQ (it was okay, too dry for us) and then headed to the historic Arlington Hotel to change into our bathing suits – it was time for

my present! We went to the famous Quapaw Bath House for a relaxing hot springs spa bath, complete with mimosa bath salts. It was great! After a quick change, it was time to explore the cute shops around town. Before heading to dinner, we stopped into the American Gangster Museum, where Chad’s VIP status as a news personality scored us a free tour. A quick jaunt to a Cajun restaurant for hurricanes and rum runners (complimented by a basket of french fries to hold us over) and then it was back to the hotel for a little R&R.

Dinner was fabulous – we went to an Ecuadorian restaurant called Rolando’s and I had a delicious goat cheese and chicken quesadilla with mango salsa drizzled on top. How great is that?! Chad had the largest item on the menu – naturally – a burrito stuffed with chicken, guacamole and grilled veggies.

We woke up the next morning a little tired – the walls were paper thin and there was a room full of loud children and their grandmother who coughed up a lung every 15 minutes – to some bad news. Chad had to go into work, so our planned trip to Magic Springs (a local amusement park and water park combo) was cancelled. We had a yummy late breakfast (mmm…belgian waffle…) and then it was back to LR.

Even though our celebration was cut short, we had a fantastic time together! It was fun reminiscing on the past year, talking about our favorite wedding and honeymoon memories and thinking ahead to the years to come. As great as the past year was, we know the future is even brighter for us!

It’s Been A Year Already?!


One year ago today, I married my very best friend. It was the happiest day of my life, but I’m glad to say the happiness didn’t end there. Each day with Chad is greater than the last – he fills me with so much love and joy, and I couldn’t imagine life without him. Our wedding was beautiful and magical, and I’m happy to say that our life together is the same way.

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In just one short year, we’ve come a long way. We’ve traveled, grown and loved – and we have so much more to go. I look forward to what life has in store for us – home purchases, babies, puppies and who knows what else – and I’m so happy that I’ll experience everything with him by my side. God really knew what he was doing when He brought us together!

Thank you to our friends and family who have loved and supported us throughout the journey. We are so grateful for you and your love!

To my husband – I love you more than you’ll ever know and more than words can express. Thank you for all the hugs, kisses and encouragement – and even for the words I didn’t necessarily want to hear, but needed to. Nothing makes me happier than being your wife – I look forward to our lifetime together! I LOVE YOU!

Canada, You’ve Redeemed Yourself


First of all, let me clarify – Canada has BOTH HGTV and GMA! God bless Am –  I mean… God save the Queen? But can we also save Kate Middleton, because I’m obsessed with her. It’s unhealthy. And Harry too. He’s hot.

But beyond that, Canada has amazing people. I’ve met several awesome ladies and gents here (as well as some particularly attractive waiters) and must say that this has been quite the trip. We’ve learned a lot, seen a lot and eaten a lot (score!) and I’m having a fabulous time. Something tells me that the people I’ve met at this conference will be showing up in my Facebook and Twitter feeds in the years to come :)

Other than one small snafu, I’ve had some amazing food here in Vancouver. Naturally, I’ve been eating a ton of seafood, since it’s a coastal city and it’d be blasphemy not to. After the conference was over today, a few of us girls walked to the famous Stanley Park to see the totem poles and then headed to Yelltown (a super fun, young area of Vancouver) for dinner. We went to Rodney’s Oyster Bar, which has AMAZING food (I had the crab cakes) and only hires attractive male waiters. Nope, not a joke – only hot guys work there. (Sorry, babe – I know you’re probably reading this!) Let’s just say the atmosphere was just as delicious as the food.

But the conference has also been very good. I really enjoyed a presentation by Wells Fargo’s social collaboration team today, and even won a stuffed pony (as did my new friends from the conference – what can I say, we’re over achievers. And now we have a fun game of taking pony pictures in random Canadian locations. Good times!). I’m going to bring it back for Kate :)

I am STOKED about tomorrow – after the conference sessions, the girls want to go to the suspension bridge park with me and be total tourists (one girl is from Calgary and the other is from Atlanta, so it’s totally legit behavior). Get excited!

In short – well played, Canada. You are awesome (though your food and drinks are very expensive!).