Book Review: Water for Elephants


Water for Elephants was GREAT. I absolutely loved the book – the plot moved at a good pace, the characters were well developed and the period and circumstance-specific details were right on point (you could tell the author had done her homework).

If you don’t already know, Water for Elephants is about a man recounting his days with the Benzini Brothers Greatest Show on Earth. Due to some tragic circumstances, the main character leaves his home and hops a train – which just happens to be the circus train. He instantly falls in love with the main act, but unfortunately she is already married to the ringmaster. The story details life on the rails as a circus man and really makes you love elephants (and hate crazy people/animal abusers – more so than you already did). The ending was very good and shocking (to me, any way), and I would totally recommend this book!

On the flight to Michigan, I watched Water for Elephants the movie on my iPhone (special thanks to my sweet husband for letting me use a few dollars of his iTunes gift card to rent the movie on demand). It stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon as the two main characters – and if you ask me, they were not the right actors for the parts. I just really didn’t believe them as the characters, and while the actor who played the crazy ringmaster was great, there wasn’t enough of him. In short, the movie was a huge disappointment compared to the book (typical). These sentiments are shared by my good friend Jena, who got a degree in theatre, so I’m calling them validated.

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