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It’s Official: We Have Decided on Nursery Colors/Theme!


Tons of people have been asking what our nursery colors/theme are so that they can start shopping/creating (you’re so sweet!!) — so here you go!

We’re going to get the three-piece set! And to compliment the mint, grey and white, we’ll have vintage sports posters and items :) HOORAY!

Memorial Day Weekend: A Recap


I always find it strange that we say “Happy Memorial Day,” when in reality something like “Somber Memorial Day” would be more appropriate. Before we get to the silly things we did over the weekend, let’s just pause and reflect on the fact that thousands have died defending and protecting this country – the ones we honor and celebrate on this day are not here to boat and BBQ with us.

With that said, Memorial Day weekend 2015 was a good one. Friday, I had a half day of work (very productive) and was able to clean the house the second half of the day (also very productive). We went out on a double date with another couple-friend of ours, Kristen and Jordan. Dinner was yummy and the conversation was the best part of the evening, but the restaurant’s service and atmosphere were a bit off.

On Saturday, we headed to Lake Livingston to meet up with the family for a day on the water. The sprinkles came and went, but we still had a great time on the boat with mom, Chris, Kourt and the monkey children. I have no pictures because phones and boats don’t mix.

Sunday was church, errands and laziness. Monday was baseball, gym and nail appointment. Monday night into Tuesday morning was RAIN RAIN RAIN and half of Houston is underwater. Everything in Spring/Klein is just fine, but the roads into my office are impassible and my building is without water and AC – so it’s a work from home day for me. Chad’s school district cancelled classes as there was some bad flooding off of 290 (where most of his ISD is located), so he’s enjoying a day of relaxing ahead of finals prep. As usual, Cooper was scared of the rain and got to spend 2-5 a.m. in bed with mom and dad.

Working Mom Question: When to Tell Clients?


Question to all of the working moms who read this bad boy (especially those in the PR business or who have clients of some kind): At what point is it appropriate to tell my clients I’m pregnant? Granted, I do not see them face-to-face that often, but I’d hate to “spring” it on them just before an event or wait until what they might think is “the last minute.”

I’ve asked around the office casually, but no firm answer has been given or decided upon. Curious to see what others have done as I seek to find the best option for me, my situation and my clients. Of course, further conversations and confirmation of approach will happen at the office (natch).

Let me know what you’ve done (and if so inclined, why and how it worked out for you) – thanks!

Bye Bye, Non-Maternity Bottoms


Well, today is the day – at 21 weeks, 4 days pregnant, I am no longer comfortable in my regular black pencil skirts. I haven’t tried to put jeans on since my 20 week photo (because it’s already too hot for jeans), but I can pretty much assume my jeans would also not be comfortable.

I’m told that it’s best to just embrace the maternity bottoms and that I’ll wonder why I waited so long once I have them. This is probably going to be true, but we’ll know for sure when Nordstrom Rack opens at 10 a.m. :)

It’s a BOY!


We are THRILLED to announce that Baby Garneau is a BOY! Luke Robert Garneau will be here in September and it definitely feels “real” now.

We had a gender reveal party at my mom’s house this weekend, thrown by mom, Kourtney and Nikki. Everything looked FABULOUS! The decorations were beautiful, the food was delicious and of course the big surprise was the highlight of the day.

Pretty much everyone thought it was going to be a girl, so the surprised looks on our faces and screams from the crowd are 100% genuine. I thought it was a boy and then everyone peer pressured me into thinking it was a girl, so I caved – I should have trusted my instincts!

Here’s the story behind Baby G’s name: We wanted a classic, Biblical name – so we went with Luke. Robert was Papa’s name, so Luke’s middle name is to honor him! It’s very special to us, especially considering Papa passed away two years ago the week of the reveal. Papa was always partial to little girls, but no doubt he’d be excited about Luke :)

Thank you again to mom for hosting/catering, Kourtney for my beautiful flowers and decor, Nikki for making the reveal box, keeping the secrets, and the decor, and Aunt Darla and Brooke for taking pictures and video. We couldn’t have done it without you!

So excited to be parents to a baby boy!

So excited to be parents to a baby boy!

Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Brittney.


So it’s been almost a  year two years (math is hard) since the last time the ol’ blog was updated and nothing of any significance has happened. OH WAIT…we got another dog, went on our dream European vacation, started trying to have a baby, found out that my infertility issues meant we’d require IVF treatments, went on some fab vacations, miraculously got pregnant, AND SO MUCH MORE!

I realize it’s impossible to catch up on a year’s worth of life in just a few bullets (because really, who wants to read more than that?), but  here’s a best effort…or at least an effort. Note: I will save The Infertility Saga for another time.

  • Summer 2013 – We went to Michigan to surprise Chad’s stepdad, Brent, for his 50th birthday party! We also went to Florida for the first annual Family Feud Fantasy Football Draft!
  • Fall 2013 – We got Abby! Yes, we added a second corgi to our family and she’s obsessed with Chad. It works out nicely because Cooper is obsessed with me and now we each have our own furball :) Abby is now 8.5 and Cooper is just over 2; both weigh about 34 pounds :)
  • December 2013 – CHAD TURNED 30! I lied and told him we were going to Mexico, but we actually went to pick up his family and best friend at the airport for a long weekend of fun :) Although I know Chad was slightly disappointed in not going to Mexico, I know he was truly surprised and thrilled his family was in town. I also threw him a surprise party that weekend, so it was kind of a big deal (he has his work cut out for him when I turn 30 in 2016!)
  • February 2014 – I turned 28 and decided it was time to think about starting a family!
  • June 2014 – WE WENT ON OUR DREAM VACATION TO EUROPE! Two weeks in Rome, Paris and Barcelona. Hands down, our favorite spot was Paris. It was the most beautiful, romantic and tasty city EVER (and of course, the most expensive). We agree that if we ever win the lottery or come into a large sum of money, we’d have a house in Paris :)
  • October 2014 – We went to Chicago with Chad’s best friend Joe and his girlfriend Ali – IT WAS AWESOME. We did all of the big touristy things in 36 hours – Hancock Building, Sears Tower, museums, deep dish pizza, visited the bar from The League, Second City, architecture cruise, amazing food…it was a whirlwind!
  • December 2014 – Haley and Mike got married and we celebrated with a ton of folks I hadn’t seen in forever!
  • January 9-10, 2015 – I went on a work trip to Santa Fe, NM and didn’t feel well.
  • January 11, 2015 – WE FOUND OUT WE’RE PREGNANT!!! Go ahead and tell God something can’t be done – he’ll LOL at you.
  • March 2015 – We went to Michigan to visit Chad’s family and had a great time!  Yoga, games and all of the usual fun (minus the booze, for me).
  • April 27, 2015 – I felt the baby move (for sure) for the first time!
  • May 7, 2015 – Chad felt the baby move for the first time!
  • May 9, 2015 – My first Mother’s Day :)

There are approximately 11 million photos I could post from the above adventures, but I know which one you really want :)

Baby G at 20 weeks!

Baby G at 20 weeks!