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Rough Morning


So, I had a really rough morning today. I woke up at the crack of dawn to make spaghetti for our friends Jennifer and Mark, since they just had a baby and that’s what you do (plus, something tells me they’re a little too busy to cook right now!). While opening a can of tomato sauce, I cut my finger pretty badly and was bleeding everywhere, for 25 minutes. Chad was alseep (he stayed over), so I woke him up to see if he would open the rest of the cans of sauce, since I couldn’t use my left hand at the moment.

Bless his heart, he was really groggy. He didn’t understand why I needed him to help me (apparently the “I’m bleeding profusely” comment didn’t sink in), so he was cranky (his word, not mine). Somehow, the can of tomato sauce exploded all over him, the kitchen counter, the window, the floor and everything else within a 3-foot radius. Lovely. Chad was covered in tomato sauce from head to toe, as was my kitchen. I couldn’t help but laugh at our misfortune.

So, we got everything cleaned up and Chad finally noticed the blood soaked paper towels around my left index finger. He was like OH MY GOD WE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND GET YOU STITCHES! After assuring him it was just a puncture wound in a place that has my pulse racing through it, we got a band-aid and Chad went blissfully back to sleep.

After getting everything finally ready to go, I was out the door. Without my coffee. SIGH. And of course, because of all the ruckus, it was too late for me to stop at Starbucks or any other coffee shop. WAH WAH.

Of course, there are 9,000 things going on at work, including the huge major gigantic super important debut of our company’s new internal newsletter – something I’ve been working on for MONTHS. Needless to say, my fuse was short today, so when my co-worker sneezed 800 times in a row, I snapped at her. Sorry, Tara.

However, the day has picked up since then, and I’m very much looking forward to the weekend! Chad and I are going to see Mark and Jennifer’s new baby tonight, and Lindsay will be here tomorrow afternoon for a weekend full of BESTIE time. LOVE!!!!!




By now I’m sure you’ve heard all about the snow that came to Little Rock on Sunday. I was in Houston doing wedding stuff, so I missed the Snowpocalypse (a reported 5.7″ in Little Rock), but when I got home yesterday afternoon, it was definitely still around to greet me.

We all know my hatred for all things cold runs deep. Therefore, I don’t like snow. I am happy to report that my lifetime record of never seeing snowfall is STILL INTACT, thanks to my being in Houston on Sunday. (Please note the difference between “snow” and “snowfall” – I’ve seen snow on the ground [obviously, it’s on the ground outside right now], but never snow falling from the sky. I always seem to be out of town when it happens).

So, even though I don’t have any super cool snowfall pictures, and my pictures are of two-day-old snow, I still think they’re neat. So here ya go:

Today, I learned the meaning of the phrase “black ice.” Hailing from Houston, there isn’t a lot of familiarity with phrases like this, but I figured it out pretty quickly today – especially from the 20 foot walk from my front door to my car. I literally almost fell three times. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the freeways, bridges or overpasses that gave me the most trouble on my commute to work today (which, by the way, took 45 minutes traveling no more than 40 mph) – it was the few miles closest to my apartment. I live in far west Little Rock (out by Pinnacle mountain), so the snow trucks haven’t made it out there – apparently they don’t care if we live or die. So, my apartment complex is a solid sheet of ice, as is the road I live on and the first few miles of Cantrell, headed back to 430. Thanks, highway people. But after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing!

So, in closing…snow – you are pretty to look at for now, but I’ll be over you tomorrow. So you can go away. And when you do, please don’t leave behind gross brown slush or ice on the roads. THANKS.

New Year’s Resolutions


Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions this year? I typically don’t, but this year I think I will. So…here’s what I’ve come up with: 

  1. To finish reading the Bible. Yes, I’ve read a lot of it already, but I tend to skip over the not-so-thrilling books (Leviticus, Numbers…you get the idea). 2011 will be the year that I finish off all of the books I haven’t yet read – whoo hoo!
  2. To commit to a women’s Bible study. Yes, I’ve done Bible study before, but it has always been co-ed. This year, I’d like to attend a women’s group specifically – especially since I’ll become a wife in 2011. I think it will be a great benefit not only to me, but also to my husband.
  3. To study the Bible with my fiancé/husband. We talked about this one already and decided that Thursday nights (with a backup of Sunday afternoons, if for some reason Thursday falls through) to spend time in the Word together! Yay!
  4. To eliminate credit cards completely for 1 year. No, I don’t currently rely on credit cards – I may use them to front the money for things like vacations or other major purchases, but for 2011 I’d like to try and go a whole year without using a credit card. If I can’t pay for it in cash, I don’t need it!
  5. To lose 10 pounds and keep it off. Losing 10 pounds? Yeah, I can probably do that, especially with the wedding coming up. But as they say, you tend to gain weight after your wedding – “happy pounds” – so that’s what I’m trying to avoid. The gym is going to be my friend!!

Talk About Motivation


*Disclaimer – I wrote this a few days ago when it was raining and icky in Little Rock, but I’m just now getting around to posting it*

I’m stuck at home today because I’m waiting for a package from UPS that requires my signature upon delivery. I have no idea what the package is or who sent it, but today is my “final attempt,” so I have to be here. *UPDATE: The gift was a delicious bottle of champagne from the Wine Spectator list of Top Wines of 2010! Thanks to my coworker Kate in NYC!* To make matters worse, the rain and storm has knocked out the internet at my house, thus making working from home impossible, other than what I can do on my BlackBerry. I’m doing my best, and for right now I’m thankful that there isn’t much going on in the office – I HATE that helpless feeling!

So as I sit here on my couch writing blogs in MS Word and waiting for the internet to come back before I can post, what’s on in the background? “Making the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” of course! Do I like the Dallas Cowboys? NO. Do I like this show? YES. The girls are SO beautiful, and I’ve always wanted to dance – too bad I have no rhythm and about 50 extra pounds than the average DCC. But seriously – talk about motivation! These girls are IN SHAPE.

With my wedding coming up, I can’t help but renew my focus on fitness and healthy eating, and this show is definitely adding to my efforts. As you know, I’m now paying for a personal trainer (my wedding gift to Chad…and to myself), and I’m starting to see results! Chad says he’s noticed a difference, and the scale says I’ve lost a few pounds over the holidays – whoo hoo! I just need to keep it up, and hopefully shed a few more. Maybe I should DVR these girls…

Whirlwind Wedding Planning


We all know that I have a tendency to be a little…okay a lot…OCD. Yes, I have a particular way of doing things and I sometimes…okay, all the time…put really high standards on myself, my situation and those around me. So when it came to wedding planning, I was fully prepared to be stressed out by the inherent complexities – especially living in another state.

This is how I know that God was with me and is really blessing mine and Chad’s marriage – the wedding planning has been SO EASY and completely stress free! I honestly thought I would have to sacrifice what I wanted to make things fit into a tight budget, or that things would just be HARD – but that hasn’t been the case! What do I mean, you ask?

  1. I walked into my home church without an appointment, but our wonderful wedding coordinator, Shannon, was all smiles and happy to see us. She literally handed me her calendar and let me pick any day of the year! As an unexpected bonus, a good friend at the church has put in a good word for me, and we are getting an amazing deal on the chapel. We are SO blessed! The chapel is the most important part of the actual wedding to me, because it is so gorgeous and means so much to me.
  2. We went straight from the chapel to the one and only reception site that I liked that was in our budget – and instantly fell in love with it! It was so beautiful, unique and exactly the feel that Chad and I had talked about! As an added bonus, it was well UNDER budget – how often can you say THAT about wedding planning?! Especially if you’re me…since I have a tendency to pick the most expensive of EVERYTHING!
  3. While we were at the reception venue, there was a caterer and a florist waiting to speak with the facility manager. We started talking to them and I fell in love! Their personalities were wonderful, and the prices were just right – we booked them right then and there!
  4. After talking to the florist – who happens to be a member of my home church – I learned that her two best friends were a photographer and an airbrush makeup artist. Naturally, I called them up and FELL IN LOVE. I mean really – if she weren’t a woman and I wasn’t happily engaged to the most amazing man on the planet – I would marry our photographer. HA! The makeup artist was also amazing – a ball of energy for sure – so we booked her as well. As a bonus, the florist/photographer/makeup artist gave us a sweet deal ($500 off the package) for booking all 3 of them. HOORAY!

As you can see, we were EXTREMELY lucky in our 48 hours of whirlwind wedding planning! I seriously could NOT be happier with the vendors and locations we have – and all of the heavy lifting is already done! When I go home for the Bridal Extravaganza January 7-10, I hope to get invitations and cakes all lined up. Wish me luck!

Christmas in Houston


I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing and family-filled Christmas! I know I did, and every year I am reminded of just how lucky I am to have friends and family that are so loving and supportive. This year, I headed back home to Houston for 9 days, splitting my time between friends, family, fiancé and of course – wedding planning!

I had the joy of spending lots of time with my best friend Elizabeth to celebrate her graduation from graduate school – she got her master’s in technical writing – and learning that she accepted a wonderful job opportunity with a company in the oil industry. SO WONDERFUL!!! Elizabeth is truly a gift from God and deserves all the happiness in the world – congrats sis! I also had the honor of celebrating her 25th birthday at our annual family dinner – it’s great every year!

A few days later, Chad flew down from Little Rock to join in the festivities. YAY! It started a little rocky – his flight was delayed over an hour – but definitely picked up from there! We went to a tasting with our caterer to finalize the reception menu, went to Christmas Eve church services, then had our HUGE family Christmas – it was great! We traded beautiful cards and small gifts, since the cruise was our present to each other!

I woke up early Christmas morning to take Chad back to the airport (he had to be at work at 2 on Christmas day), and was back home before the sun even came up. I woke up Payton and we did Santa before heading over to Papa’s house for even more presents. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going over to Andee’s house for games and wine – I’ve been doing it since high school, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! We always have such a great time! And this year, Andee got me just what I wanted – mascara from Ulta, since they don’t have Ulta in Arkansas! Ha! It’s the little things :)

On Sunday morning, it was yet another early wakeup call before driving back home to Little Rock. I had mixed emotions about coming back to Little Rock – Texas is and always will be my home and #1 in my heart, but Arkansas is where my fiancé is, so it’s also very important!