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What a Week!


I had a really great first week at my “new” job! There was a lot of laughing and learning, and I am even more excited than I was last time I was here :) I’m on some very diverse accounts and have some steep learning curves ahead, but it’s so challenging and rewarding. Love it!

It was also my 27th birthday yesterday! Thank you all for your kind words of love via social media, texts, phone calls and cards. I have the best friends and family members in the world! Chad and I celebrated by having a very lovely dinner together at Americas in the Woodlands Waterway. It was gorgeous! And the food was delicious! Plus, they gave me a free piece of tres leches cake for my birthday – you KNOW how I feel about cake! Especially free cake! And as always, Chad spoiled me with gifts – a massage and a Hobby Lobby gift card, to help decorate our future home! Thanks also to my family-in-love for pitching in on those awesome gifts, and to my blood family for the awesome new work clothes! You know I needed them!

But the party doesn’t end there – on Saturday, we’re going to Papa’s house! Gigi is making crab legs and assorted Cajun goodies (she’s from Louisiana, you know!), and the whole family will be there. Whoo hoo!

And for those of you who’ve asked – no, we have not heard back on the house we put an offer on! BOO! We seriously have the WORST luck when it comes to house hunting!! What is the deal with that???

Happy Birthday JBJ!!!


Y’all know I love me some Bon Jovi. It’s almost at an inappropriate level, especially for someone almost half his age. So I think it’s only appropriate that we celebrate the birth of this beautiful man not via words, but by pictures.

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Happy birthday, Jon!!!

What a Difference a Year Makes!


Wow! First of all, I have the most amazing husband, family and friends. You guys really know how to make a girl feel special, and your birthday calls, texts, tweets, FB messages, IMs, cards, gifts and food were all ACES in my book! You rock. Seriously.

As you know, yesterday was my 26th birthday, and I’m officially closer to 30 than I am to 20. But, like a fine wine, I get better with age, so BRING IT ON, life! :) I digress. This year’s birthday was one of the best yet – and a complete 180 from last year’s monstrosity.

Last year, my mom, sister and nephew booked flights to Little Rock for my birthday. We were all going to spend time together in the city I’d called home for 4 months – it was going to be a jolly good time, I tell ya. And my brand new fiance was going to be there too – what wasn’t to love? SNOW. That’s what. Snow was NOT invited to my 25th birthday party, but it crashed any way, dumping 7 inches of the powdery white stuff all over Central Arkansas, effectively shutting down all forms of transportation (including the airport) and forcing Chad to go to work. So what did I do? I sat in my apartment and cried, alone. I cried because I was in a new city, away from everyone I’d ever known and had no friends. I cried because this was my first birthday away from Texas and because my perfectly laid plans had been smashed to pieces. I cried because that’s what you do in a quarter-life crisis.

This year, however, was AWESOME! I woke up and started my 26th year with a nice run. I came home to find my birthday presents from my HUSBAND (yay for the first married birthday!) all laid out – he couldn’t wait until dinner to give them to me. Over the course of the day, I had countless messages in every medium possible (thanks again!), two delicious birthday meals, birthday cupcakes from my Junior League friends and even more gifts from family waiting to be opened. All in all, it was a GREAT day, thanks to all of you!

So the next time you think things are particularly crummy, I say “just give it some time!” Turns out that’s all I needed to go from one of the worst birthdays EVER to one of the BEST birthdays ever!

Love you all!

(And for those of you wondering, Chad got me two books and the Coach Poppy perfume I’ve had my eye on for months – thanks babe!)

Happy Belated Birthday, Chad!


That’s right! Chad turned 28 on Thursday and it was his first married birthday (fear not, you have not missed mine! February 7 – write that down.) Unfortunately, I was out of town for the big day, but we were able to Skype and I watched him open his small gift from me. For the big gift – and the birthday dinner – he had to wait until I came home on Friday!

We are lucky to have such great friends here in Little Rock that when I was out of town for Chad’s birthday, they too him out to dinner. Danny and Laura – our Aggie friends, if you don’t recall – took him to Bravo (Chad’s favorite) and they had a great time together. Chad and Danny even shared ice cream for dessert – how romantic :) (Yes, there is more to the story, but that part’s funny.) Thanks again, you two!

On Friday night, I landed in Little Rock (having changed into my sassy dinner dress at Chicago O’Hare International Airport) and we headed to Trio’s. Trio’s is a DELICIOUS restaurant here in Little Rock, but unfortunately we don’t get to go often – it’s kind of pricey. But for birthdays, we make magic happen :) We enjoyed our meal and conversation – we both had stuffed chicken breast with a cranberry compote, fresh green beans and garlic mashed potatoes – and then waited for the check. After a rather long time – the service had been so prompt all evening – our waiter came by and told us our check had been taken care of! How awesome is that?! A $50-$60 dinner totally comped for absolutely no reason. What a great surprise!

Then, we headed home and made some chocolate chunk cookies – which we promptly put in a bowl with vanilla ice cream and ate with childlike glee. What a good night :)