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There’s Something in the Water


I’m about to start a bottled water-only drinking habit. Seriously – there is something in the water. And that something makes you get pregnant or start trying to get pregnant.

Pregnant juice??

It seems like every person around me – whether physically or on Facebook – is pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Half of my Junior League provisional class is pregnant. A huge portion of my friend circle is pregnant. A handful of people are trying to get pregnant. People are adopting babies left and right. BABIES, BABIES, BABIES!

It makes me feel bad that I’m not on the Baby Train (yet). I’ve had this conversation with several of you – about how I feel like a terrible person for having zero interest in getting pregnant right now – and I realize that it’s just because it’s not my time yet. We just got married. I’ll know when it’s right. Do your travels first. Blah, blah, blah.

I get it. I don’t think I’m a terrible person (most of the time). But that doesn’t change the fact that there is something in the water!

I don’t my mommy/pregnant friends to think that I am not happy for them. I am. I am over the moon happy for you guys and can’t wait to cuddle, hug and kiss your little babies – and then hand them back to you when they start crying. I know, my time will come – your children will be potty trained by the time mine can roll over. You will laugh at my first time mommy freak out moments. And that’s okay. All in due time and good fun.

But until that I HAVE TO HAVE A BABY moment hits – it’s bottled water for me :)

One of THOSE Days…


You know what I’m talking about. Today has been one of the longest days EVER, with several very huge projects all coming to fruition today.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about having a great job in a terrible market. I’m just tired and venting – is that not what a blog is for?? If I can’t complain here, where can I complain? I have to share the load of whining between the blog and the hubs, lest he think I am a perpetually negative person (which is pretty much the opposite of my personality). Also, the blog cannot pour me a glass of wine or give me a foot massage – so it could never replace my loving hubby :)

With any major announcement or project, there will always be some last minute fires, freak outs and fixes. Today was no exception. So in many respects, it was “business as usual” in the hectic life of a communications gal. Yes, I realize I chose this profession. Yes, I have said (and continue to affirm) that I live for the fast pace and stress my job offers (it’s WAY better than being bored). Today has just been really taxing and I need some dinner and a good night’s sleep.

It’s just been one of THOSE days. One where I’ve wanted to cry a few times. One where I’ve wanted to say things that no Christian woman should ever say. One where it seems like nothing is going my way.

I’m going to start calling these days Job days. Not j-ah-b, but J-oh-b, as in the man from the Bible. God took everything away from Job, yet he never turned away and always kept his focus on Him. Yes, that is what I’m going to do. When life hands me difficulty, I will channel my inner Job and fix my eyes upon things above, rather than the things of this world.

Man, scripture is amazing. (And I hope you liked following along with how my brain operates – I literally decided all of these things as I was typing.)

Book Review: Water for Elephants


Water for Elephants was GREAT. I absolutely loved the book – the plot moved at a good pace, the characters were well developed and the period and circumstance-specific details were right on point (you could tell the author had done her homework).

If you don’t already know, Water for Elephants is about a man recounting his days with the Benzini Brothers Greatest Show on Earth. Due to some tragic circumstances, the main character leaves his home and hops a train – which just happens to be the circus train. He instantly falls in love with the main act, but unfortunately she is already married to the ringmaster. The story details life on the rails as a circus man and really makes you love elephants (and hate crazy people/animal abusers – more so than you already did). The ending was very good and shocking (to me, any way), and I would totally recommend this book!

On the flight to Michigan, I watched Water for Elephants the movie on my iPhone (special thanks to my sweet husband for letting me use a few dollars of his iTunes gift card to rent the movie on demand). It stars Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon as the two main characters – and if you ask me, they were not the right actors for the parts. I just really didn’t believe them as the characters, and while the actor who played the crazy ringmaster was great, there wasn’t enough of him. In short, the movie was a huge disappointment compared to the book (typical). These sentiments are shared by my good friend Jena, who got a degree in theatre, so I’m calling them validated.

Where Have You Been??


Some of my beloved friends and blog readers have asked me “Where have you been?” lately, prompted by my lack of recent blog updates. I know, I know – I’ve failed you in your quest to stalk me to the highest level. I apologize.

But I’ve had good reason to be AWOL. You see, I went to Houston the weekend of January 13-16. During that time, I had two birthdays (Aunt Darla and Payton – who is now FIVE!!), Kourtney’s baby shower (baby Liliana should be here any day!) and a wedding (YAY for Christine and Nate!!) to attend. Clearly sleep was not on the agenda that weekend. I worked from mommy’s house all day Monday and then boarded the plane back to Little Rock. Both legs were delayed. Joy!

I returned to the office on Tuesday and had exactly two work days to get my stuff in order before hopping on a sunrise flight to Michigan to see my family-in-love for 5 days. After a brief stop in Chicago, we touched down in Michigan where the wind chill was a balmy -11. Y’all know how I feel about cold. Luckily, I had stocked up on winter weather clothing at the Houston Prime Outlets. It was a whirlwind of fun, including game playing until 2 a.m., delicious cooking, zumba, yoga, sledding, football watching and the Garneau family Christmas. Five days went by in the blink of an eye and then we were back on a plane to Little Rock, by way of Chicago. How none of the flights to/from cold weather climates were delayed yet the flights from Houston to Dallas and Dallas to Little Rock were, I will never understand.

Upon my return to The Rock, work has been out of control, Junior League class projects are in FULL SWING (I was elected co-chair!), Make-A-Wish wish grantings are being planned and Wednesday night Bible study has started back up again. Hence, the lack of posting.

And now you know where I’ve been!

Foodie Milestone


You guys, I think I have reached a Foodie milestone.

My first Foodie milestone came in college when Lindsay cooked for me every Thursday after our evening class and before we watched Grey’s Anatomy (this was back when the show was good). It was then that I realized that cooking can be creative and fun.

My second Foodie milestone came just after college, when I cooked a meal for Chad for our second date. Mind you, up until a few months ago he did not know that it was frozen pasta/chicken/veggies from a bag, but it was the only “cooking” I knew how to do at that point. It was then that I realized cooking can win over a man’s heart.

My next Foodie milestone came when I moved to Arkansas. Chad would come over to my apartment regularly and we would cook food TOGETHER! And it was FUN! And then we would pair it with WINE, which is DELICIOUS! And a tradition was born…

My next Foodie milestone came when we were registering for our wedding. Do you KNOW how many things there are to register for that can go in your kitchen? Pots and pans were our #1 most desired item – the expensive, fancy kind. The fact that we got them all was AMAZING to us, and we use them every day. THANKS, friends and family!

But the most recent Foodie milestone happened to me just now, sitting in my cubicle. “That is a strange place to have a Foodie milestone!” one might say, and I would agree. But today, in my cubicle, as I sat down to eat my broccoli cheese soup from a can, I realized – I can’t eat this crap. I have now risen above crap in a can/box/pouch/whatever and my tastebuds just won’t have it. I took a bite despite knowing it would end poorly and seriously had a gag reflex. It was immediately disposed of.

I should have known this moment was coming – for a while now, I’ve made the tried-and-true frozen dinners for lunch each day, picked around at them and ultimately threw them in the trash, half finished at best. I think my tastebuds have matured to have…well, TASTE. And that, if you ask me, is a good thing.

This is clearly my own fault. Since moving to Arkansas, and especially since getting married, I cook more and more. I cook a full meal at least 5 times/week (barring any crazy life events going on), and I try to mix it up to avoid food ruts. I have conditioned myself to only love fresh foods (80% or more of our groceries come from the perimeter of the grocery store – very little from the preservative-filled, boxed up middle) and stuff that was made with love. That makes me happy.

And that, friends, is the story of my latest Foodie milestone. I’m growing up right before your eyes!!

Chicken Gyros


The other night, Chad and I made a REALLY easy, REALLY delicious recipe that I couldn’t help but share with you guys. I really suggest you make it if you like Greek food (or grilled chicken, veggies and cucumber, as those are the main ingredients) – like, ASAP.

The recipe is from Annie’s Eats, a food blog I’ve never before visited, but thanks to the magic of StumbleUpon, I now know about. The recipe is called Chicken Gyros (original, I know), but what it lacks in originality of name it makes up for in AMAZINGNESS.

Chicken Gyro, courtesy of Annie's Eats

Chad, as usual, was suspect of the recipe upon making the taziki sauce (sauces are key to him, and this one made him nervous). I assured him that it would be delicious and to keep calm and carry on. When everything was all said and done, we sat at the table and took our first bites – SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!! I didn’t even get to take a picture of the final product because I was so hungry and it was all gone before we even knew it!

Go. To the store. Tonight. And buy the ingredients for this recipe. You will thank me!

My Mystery Lump


As many of you probably already know from Facebook, Gmail and/or text conversations, I went to the doctor today to have a mysterious lump on my face (on my jawline, near my earlobe) examined. It appeared about two weeks ago and only hurts if I touch it – so I don’t touch it (though, Chad went to kiss me on the cheek once and hit it *just right* and I almost punched him because it hurt).

I’m happy to report that the lump is a benign, yet infected cyst. I have a prescription for some antibiotics that will make the swelling go down, and hopefully reduce it to the point where you can’t see it any more. If it’s still protruding, I’ll have to go to a plastic surgeon to have it removed, since it’s on my face and we don’t want that work of art damaged :)

I wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and prayers today – naturally, mystery lumps are very scary and it’s easy to let your imagination run wild with scary possibilities.

Attempt to Cheat: Thwarted


It’s been 4 days since I posted my THINspiration post and 9 days since my Resolutions post and I’ve already tried to break my resolve.

Today, I tried to coerce any coworker within earshot to go split a bowl of queso (that’s “cheese dip” for you Arkansans) for lunch, but alas – no one would go with me. One even reminded me of my resolution and encouraged me to stay strong on my healthy eating journey. That B. (LOL just kidding, S!)

So I ate my Lean Cuisine and my 2 cuties. And I’ve had two giant glasses full of water (probably 4 cups). SIGH.

I also didn’t want to get out of bed this morning to go work out (can’t work out after work, I have Junior League and apparently showing up to JL stuff in sweatpants is frowned upon), BUT I DID. I guess this whole “eat right and workout” thing is going to happen whether I like it or not.

Book Review: 1984


I know, I know – how have I not read this book before? Many people were required to read it in school – to which I say “Really? Did you really read the books that were assigned to you in school?” If you did, I salute you. I did not. But this was not one of the required books that I did not read – it’s just a classic that I had not read until now.

1984 is all about a dystopian society and one man’s conviction that things aren’t the

Creepy Big Brother Eye on the Cover

way they should be. You’re probably familiar with the book’s author, George Orwell. Now, I LOVED Animal Farm. LOVED it. This book was no Animal Farm.

In fact, the book started off really slowly and I struggled with whether or not I was going to continue reading (after all, this is not my typical genre of choice). But the middle got really good – a love story (in a world where love is forbidden), revolution and eventual capture. But then, at the very end of the book, I was let down again. Really? THAT is how the book ends? Lame. Definitely not a feel-good ending.

For those of you who have read the book, what did you think? Am I alone here? I asked Chad what he thought just before we went to bed last night (he was amongst the population of people who were required to read it in high school and who were subsequently appalled that I had not read it). His assessment was pretty much the same as mine – boring, GREAT!, bad ending – Animal Farm was way better.



You’d think with a title like that this post would be about babies or puppies or kitties or something of the like. Nay – I am unconventional. This post is about those little tiny, easy-to-peel oranges.

Cuties are DELICIOUS. They are juicy, appropriately sized, easy to peel and eat and, well…cute! I mean really – tiny baby orange-like fruits? What’s not to love?


I discovered my love of Cuties in college, when my roommate, Haley, bought them. I tried one, and the effect was like Lay’s potato chips – you can’t eat just one. In fact, Chad and my coworkers make fun of me because I always have two at a time. Don’t judge – it’s totally diet friendly!

I only recently discovered Chad’s affinity for these round, orange joy modules. We went grocery shopping together and he pointed at them from across the produce aisle and said “THOSE! GET THOSE!” So we did :) In fact, we’re currently on our second bag of the season!