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Cinderella was Right!


A former coworker of mine had a trinket on her desk that said “One shoe can change a life” and it was attributed to Cinderella. I always loved that thing and she even offered to bring me back one from a trip to Disney (where she’d gotten hers years before), but sadly, they didn’t sell them any more :(

Cinderella knew what she was talking about. After trips to a few places in the mall, I hit the casual black wedge jackpot at DSW this weekend. However, they didn’t have my size in stock, so they ordered them online and shipped them to my house for free (which, BTW, is awesome customer service). Said shoes were delivered last night, and are on my feet today!

YAY shoes!

I think they look spiffy with my new white crop jeans! And my outlook today is more positive than yesterday – it has to be the shoes :)