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Inspiration for Communicators


I’m in the middle of the book Outspoken: Conversations on Church Communications and WOW is it great! Of course, it perfectly aligns with my dream of doing communications for a church or faith-based organization (one day!), but the messages inside really apply to communications of any form.

I know a lot of my followers are in the world of PR/communications (in fact, I met most of you in college at the University of Texas where we all studied communications/PR/marketing together!), so I thought I’d share with you one sentence that really hit home with me today:

Great communicators breathe life into words, give words a heartbeat, and create an environment where words LIVE inside of people.

How’s THAT for inspiration? No matter where you work, if you’re in the communications department and are truly passionate about what you do, I have a feeling these words deeply connect with you. After all, we don’t communicate with people to impress them with our command of the English language – we do it to inspire action. Whether that’s to get your employees to participate in a blood drive, get your customers to buy online during the one-day sale or get your volunteers to staff a booth at next month’s 5K race, we all have one common goal – moving people to action. Experiences communicate more than words ever could, and that’s what motivates our members/customers/employees/etc. to bond with us, believe in our mission, support our cause and more.

I’ll hold off on my overall book review (SPOILER – I LOVE IT), but I just had to share this with you guys!