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Siblings Do GARTH


Y’all…Garth Brooks is hands down the best performer I’ve ever seen. From first note to last, he was energetic,Sisters! engaging and entertaining, giving the audience everything we wanted. Perhaps there is something magical about being born on February 7…I’m just saying.

On Saturday, six of my favorite siblings (me and Kourt, Haley and Ashley, and Blake and Andee) took the Toyota Center by storm to see Garth Brooks perform in Houston for the first time in 17 years. I’ve long counted having not seen Garth perform live as a regret in life (granted, I was only 12 the last time he was in town), so as soon as the concert announcement was made I KNEW I was going, no matter what. Luckily, the concert was at Toyota Center and my CEO has VIP ticket access to all TC events, thanks to his longtime status as a Houston Rockets season ticket holder (thanks again, Phil!) – I emailed him weeks before tickets went on sale, begging him to send me his VIP access code. Of course, he did – and we scored 10th row center seats! It was FANTASTIC.

Sibling Love!

I knew the show was going to be amazing when Garth opened with “I have been in your position and have come to hear one of my old favorite acts perform. I know you want to hear the old stuff. Sure, I have a new album coming out – but we’re not going to play any of that. We’re going to play the good stuff! The stuff you love!” GOOD MAN, GARTH. GOOD MAN.

If there is a Garth Brooks song you can name off the top of your head, he played it – and every single audience member GARTH!sang along to every word of every verse. Yes, even the bonus verses found only when Garth sings live! I correctly predicted the first and last Garth songs to be played (HOLLA!) and enjoyed every second of his 2 hour and 15 minute performance. I was exhausted just watching him run around – and laughed at his fat/old guy jokes (made as his own expense) :)