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Over the weekend, we paid off my engagement ring and wedding band! Now, we’re one step closer to being debt free :) HOORAY!! It’s a small, yet significant victory for our little family :)


Inappropriate Financial Blog Post


First and foremost – I am going to talk about something that you’re not supposed to talk about. Finances. I will not give specifics, but if this makes you uncomfortable in any way, feel free to stop reading now.

In recent weeks, I’ve had conversations with some of my close friends about finances. It’s no secret that I really want to own a house. It’s also no secret that I’m up to my ears in student loan debt. We are also tithers, so a good portion of our income goes to church (this is not a complaint – we’re very proud of our ability to do this). With this and other financial obligations, we’re a ways away from homeownership. But I figured out that my unhappiness stems not from being a renter, but from comparing myself to others. So I’m just going to stop that.

In further inappropriate financial news, we did our taxes today! We are getting a good sized return that will allow us to pay off my engagement and wedding rings (because I just HAD to have the giant ones), our entire trip to Vegas (we gave ourselves $XX per day, and every day is covered) and also make a good deposit into our savings account. WHOO HOO! And as a word to the wise: if you’re married, do your taxes twice – once as married filing jointly, and once as married filing separately. For us, the difference was $1,000! Awesome.