Working Mom Question: When to Tell Clients?


Question to all of the working moms who read this bad boy (especially those in the PR business or who have clients of some kind): At what point is it appropriate to tell my clients I’m pregnant? Granted, I do not see them face-to-face that often, but I’d hate to “spring” it on them just before an event or wait until what they might think is “the last minute.”

I’ve asked around the office casually, but no firm answer has been given or decided upon. Curious to see what others have done as I seek to find the best option for me, my situation and my clients. Of course, further conversations and confirmation of approach will happen at the office (natch).

Let me know what you’ve done (and if so inclined, why and how it worked out for you) – thanks!


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  1. around 20 weeks whenever the casual social talk at the beginning of a call was happening, I’d mention something about baby stuff (granted, these weren’t clients since I was in-house, but rather business partners, so you might want to be a little less casual with a client. But, far out enough that they’re not caught off gaurd and you can let them know you’re already working on your maternity leave plan!)

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