He’s Home!


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who lifted Papa up in prayer last week! His procedure went off without a hitch and I am very pleased to report that he is now resting at HOME! Praise God!

After three weeks in the hospital, he was extremely eager to go home last night. Although very weak (he lost a good amount of weight and strength in the hospital due to not eating or moving around much), I think being at home will help him get better faster.

We could still use your prayers for his recovery – kidney failure, heart failure and advanced lung disease don’t disappear with a simple stint procedure (unfortunately!) and we still have a long road ahead of us. Specifically, if you could pray for God to give him strength, to remove his nausea and to help him eat consistently, it would be hugely appreciated!

The Papa I know and love – and the one I know is still inside that tiny, 100-pound body of his – enjoys nothing more than traveling, building things and playing with his great grandchildren. I pray that he will have many, many more years of this – especially since we will be homeowners soon and will undoubtedly need him to fix something at some point! And of course, God willing, we will be parents one day – and I know he’ll want to cuddle with our little one :)


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