We Roll VIP Style!


This weekend, Chad and I went to Austin for the Circuit of the American Grand Am race. We had no idea what that meant before we left, but now we have a wealth of knowledge, thanks to our VIP experience!

One of my vendors invited us to go, along with another coworker and her boyfriend.  We picked up our VIP passes and headed over to the track…which was HUGE! Neither of us had ever been to any kind of race, so we really didn’t know what to expect. We were treated like royalty all day, from the VIP suite to golf carts driving us wherever we wanted. We got free access to the 25 story infield tower, where we got a great view of the entire track. It even had a glass floor, like the Williams Tower in Chicago – scary, but awesome! We hung out with the driver my vendor sponsored, got to go in the pit area and see all the cars, got autographs from all the drivers and generally got to experience things we never thought we’d do.

But one of the best parts was getting to meet Reba McEntire! She was in the same VIP suite as us, and is really nice and down to earth. Not very chatty, but really nice when approached for a picture :) (Her son was racing in the race before our guy was.) After all we could eat and drink, it was time for our race to start. Luckily, we were hosted by our driver’s (Dion von Moltke) parents! They were INCREDIBLY nice and were so patient when we asked about a million racing questions. We went in knowing nothing, but now we know a lot! Well, relatively speaking :) We didn’t think we’d stay long, but we ended up staying for the entire race!

I took a million photos (well, 63) and posted them on Facebook. I also took a video of when they said “Gentlemen, start…your…engines!” which was incredibly loud and is also on Facebook…and below :)

After the race, we went back to Lindsay and Luke’s house (they graciously hosted us for the weekend!) and then headed to dinner. We went to Gusto in Austin and it was DELISH! Seriously – you should go. Get the Bolognese or the chicken with mashed potatoes and spinach. We didn’t have anything we didn’t like! And then this morning we went to North by Northwest for brunch and mimosas – never a bad decision! Then it was time to hit the road back to Houston, so that the Teacherman could grade papers and I could do adult things like grocery shop and get my car washed :) But it was a FAB weekend with some FAB  people!!


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  1. Mmmm Gusto is good. We always forget about but went before seeing the Lion King a few weeks ago and loved it again then too. Glad y’all had a good weekend in Austin!

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