Hostages, Presidents and Vampires – OH MY!


To say I have eclectic taste is to put it lightly. If you look at my iPod, I have everything from Elvis Presley to every 80’s hair band you could think of, from Nirvana to Britney/N*Sync/BSB/Christina/Jessica/Mandy (all that “great” late 90’s bubble gum pop), from Rihanna’s S&M to the soundtrack of The Notebook, from Michael Buble to Ke$ha, and from all the major Christian artists of the day to 50 Cent and back again. It doesn’t take much to entertain me – I don’t have high standards, and I generally like whatever you put on the radio (sans The Beibs). I don’t judge you, so you don’t judge me.

So it should really come as no surprise to you that in the past few weeks, I’ve seen movies that center around foreign hostage crises, presidential quests to change the world and some horribly acted sparkly vampires. Two of these movies were great, and one was just fine, given the nature of the movie and the fact that I knew to come in with very low expectations :)

First, Argo. Argo is based on the true story of the American hostages held in Tehran, Iran, from 1979-1981 (I believe. I didn’t go and re-look it up.). I love me a good “based on a true story” movie. The truth of how these people escaped from Iran (through a CIA-devised story about filming a sci-fi movie in Tehran) was classified until the mid 90’s, when President Clinton declassified them. The film was packed with action and suspense, and I LOVED IT. Even though I knew the ending (hello, based on a true story!) I still found my heart racing and my hands gripping the chair arms, hoping they’d escape Iran safely. Two thumbs up!

Second, Lincoln. It’s the story of how little-known president of the US Abraham Lincoln fought to pass the 13th Amendment, which would abolish slavery. Chad was PUMPED to see this movie, as he, too, loves a good historical film. Plus, Daniel Day Lewis and Tommy Lee Jones are awesome. And I”ll never turn down an opportunity to see JGL :) There was so much wit in this film – I’m willing to bed that DDL and TLJ get best actor and best supporting actor Oscar nominations, come February – it’s definitely worth seeing. And, like in Argo, when they’re counting the votes for whether or not the abolition of slavery will be passed in the Senate, you find yourself anxiously anticipating the final count…even though I think we all know how that one turns out :)

Finally, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2. I love a chance to hang out with friends, and when my friend Samantha asked me to go with her, I happily obliged – so long as there was a giant tub of popcorn. I’ve seen all of the other Twilight films (they’re no HP or Hunger Games, let me be clear!), so I felt I should finish out the series…even though none of the films have been all that great. But at least each one was better than the first, which was laughably terrible! The film was what it was – it stayed true to the book – and there you go. I will say that one character – Garrett, who I didn’t even remember from the books, but it’s been a LONG time since I read them – totally stole the show. He was sarcastic and snarky and hilarious – so thank you for that, Lee Pace!

Have you seen any good movies lately? Any you WANT to see? I know I want to see Les Miserables and Anna Karenina over the Christmas holiday. You KNOW I love musicals and you KNOW I love period pieces (HELLO – I watched Pride & Prejudice for the 12 billionth time on the way home from Peru!)


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