#mousepocalypse: it ends here


On Thursday night I came home from work with the intention to spruce up the place a bit (we had company coming over), fix dinner and then relax. That is, until I saw the mouse stuck to the trap in the kitchen…talk about a buzz kill!

Sure, I was still able to spruce up the place a bit, but I didn’t want to cook dinner – which would mean going near the mouse – so I leaped over the kitchen barricade (door we put on its side, in front of the entryway to the kitchen), grabbed a box of cereal, and returned back to the safe side. I then sat peacefully on the couch until Chad got home, just 10 minutes before our guest, and disposed of the rodent. Bless him.

But since that night, I am happy to report that we are completely mouse free! Could it be? Is the mousepocalypse over?? ARE WE VICTORIOUS?!?!

I sure hope so.


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