#mousepocalypse: the saga continues


This morning, we caught Mouse #3.

This was the first sighting of a Third Mouse. Dear God, please don’t let there be a Fourth Mouse.


In addition to the obvious grossed-out-ness of this whole thing, I am irked by the fact that we keep using our $8/pound colby jack cheese for these shenanigans. These mice have an advance palate, as they don’t react to anything else.

I’m also very angry about the apartment complex people’s refusal to TRULY do anything about the situation. While it’s great that you keep supplying new traps and will dispose of the vermin, I NEED YOU TO FIX THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM. Block their access to the inside of my house and call a real exterminator. Putting me on the list of places for pest control is NOT ENOUGH. I’m pretty sure they spray for BUGS, not RODENTS.

If we see another mouse after today’s pest control visit, I am marching straight into the office and asking for money off our rent. NAY – I WILL DEMAND IT!


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