#mousepocalypse update


Here we are, just 36 hours after the initial mouse sighting. I’m happy to report that, as of this morning, the world has one less mouse in it! Even better – it was the GIANT mouse. Take that!

I don’t think Chad believed me when I told him how big the mouse was. He asked me to show him by holding up my hands, and then went on to say “Yeah, I don’t think it was THAT big, honey.” This morning, when said mouse was found in the trap, I was vindicated – and my terror was understood.

The giant mouse was immediate tried and convicted of terrorizing the woman of the house, and the jury unanimously decided its fate: the death penalty. What can I say, I’m a Texan!

We still have traps down and the kitchen barricade up, in the event that the smaller mouse decides he’s brave enough to return. This time, we’re ready.


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