Book Review: Velocity


I haven’t read a book in a while – maybe because, for a while there, I was reading one a week! But I knew it was time to pick one up again when Chad commented on how strange it was for me to not be reading.

I decided to go with a Dean Koontz book – my favorite mystery/thriller author. After reading the jacket teaser for Velocity, I knew it was for me! Billy, a bartender, lives a ho-hum life…until he discovers a note beneath his windshield wipers. It says that if he takes the note to the police, an old woman active in charity will be killed. If he does not, a young blonde teacher will be killed. And he has 6 hours to decide. This is the first of several deadly ultimatums he receives on his journey to find out who is torturing him and murdering innocent people. The story was gripping – I couldn’t put it down – yet the ending was predictable. I knew who the killer was the whole time, but there was an unexpected twist that I didn’t see coming.

It’s been a while since I read a DK novel, and I’d definitely recommend this one. I went online to check on my waitlist of books at the library to find that I had none waiting – apparently I did it wrong. DARN! So I added a few to my list and am anxiously awaiting their arrival :)


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