Yes, I’ve been a bit quiet lately…but don’t take that to mean nothing is going on! Last week was a little crazy for us – so crazy that I’ve not had time to blog about it!

Monday started with me getting a text from Mom that Papa was going to the ER. A few texts later, Mom calls to have a more serious conversation – she thinks Papa isn’t going to make it. Enter: hysterics. For anyone who doesn’t know, Papa is the “original” man in my life. I never met my father, and so Papa was my dad. For the first 10 years, I lived with him, next door to him or within 5 minutes from him. No lie. I was at his house every day after school, he picked me up from school every Friday on his motorcycle and every Wednesday we got pork fried rice from the same Chinese place (Wednesdays were his paydays). Papa and I are extremely close, and I felt like the world stopped when Mom told me he wasn’t doing well.

I am so lucky to have an amazing husband who knows what to say and do at the perfect time. Of course, he understands my relationship with Papa and immediately said “Pack a suitcase, we’re getting on the next flight to Houston – I don’t care how much it costs. And if the next flight won’t get us there faster than we can drive, I’ll drive the whole way.” He was there to hold me up when I physically couldn’t do it myself, and I am so thankful for that.

Mom assured me that there was no need to come down (this took a while), so we didn’t hit the road (or the skies). Thankfully, Papa got a little better each day last week and is now finally home from the hospital. He’s still not feeling 100%, but has come a very long way in a week. He’s lost quite a bit of weight (down to 105 from 130), so we’re not out of the woods. His kidneys have failed completely and he now must have dialysis treatments every other day. But the important thing is that he is still with us :)

We’ve also had some big news in other areas of our life, and while it’s too early to talk about it just yet, I want you all to know how much I appreciate your thoughts, prayers and well wishes this week :) We are extremely happy and thankful for the blessings God has given us and cannot wait for the next chapter in our life!

And finally – Payton. In his first week of school, he had to have a parent teacher conference for talking all the time (this is apparently hereditary). The next week, he choked a kid (or “play wrestling” as he claims). Needless to say it’s been a bit of a rough start to kindergarten – but he’ll adjust. He’s never had behavior problems before, so once kindergarten becomes a part of his normal routine, I’m confident he’ll dust off the behavior cobwebs. That, or we’ll ship him off to military school.

I was going to conclude there, but then I remembered my sister is going back to school to finish up her bachelor’s degree – YAY sissy! This is a GREAT decision, and if you ever need help with homework, you know who to call! If it’s English/writing, I got your back – and if it’s math/science, I will happily hand the phone to your brother-in-law :)

Hope to have more exciting news to share soon!


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