Mommy Weekend!


Mom came to visit this weekend and we filled every minute with fun. Since she and I are so close (in both age and relationship), we like to do a lot of the same things and are generally full of mischief when we get together. Particularly when it comes to shopping :)

We started the weekend with a little pampering – mani/pedis :) I got my first ever shellac manicure, and I must say – it’s pretty awesome! Mom got a regular manicure and managed to mess it up within moments of leaving the salon. She’s learned her lesson. We met Chad for dinner and then headed home for some football and relaxation.

View from the top of Hot Springs Mountain!

Saturday was a day of shopping and hiking. We spent all morning at Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s and Old Navy, looking for some home decor stuff  (she’s going to start building a new house in February) and a few comfy t-shirts for mom. I mana

ged to sneak an iron pumpkin with gold glitter on it for our house, as well as some vintage/sepia signs that say Paris, Rome, London and New York City with their famous landmarks into her basket :) I also attempted to come home with the sweetest Australian shepherd/cattle dog mix in the whole world, but Chad wouldn’t let me since we don’t have a yard :( :( :( After a change of clothes, mom and I headed to Hot Springs to hike Hot Springs Mountain (I use that term loosely – it was about 2,300 feet) for some hiking. After inadvertently taking the most difficult and steep trail up the mountain, we headed back down and home to cook a delish dinner and watch the Texans. Football runs in our blood!



Sunday was for church and more outdoor adventures – this time, we stayed in Little Rock and went along the Arkansas River Trail. It was crazy humid and hot, so after trekking to the middle of the Big Dam Bridge, we turned back home. We went out for dinner (Mexican, naturally) and then headed to see The Campaign (Will Farrell and Zach Galifinakis), which is quite possibly the most inappropriate movie I’ve ever seen. Funny, but seriously inappropriate (we had no idea going in).

Then we woke up before dawn this morning to head to the airport. Sad face! But Chad and I are making the trip to Houston in October, so it’s all good :) It was a fun time with mom this weekend – too bad it’s already over!!


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