Happy First Day of Kindergarten, Payton!!!


Today is the Monkey Child’s first day of kindergarten. Naturally, he is cool as a cucumber and totally excited, whereas I am distraught and might need a Valium. I called him this morning as he was getting ready for school and asked if he was excited. His response? “YES! I have my blue shirt and my blue shoes and my hair in a mohawk!” Classic. He also asked if we could FaceTime tonight to talk about his first day, and so that he could see me and Uncle Chad. **melts** Of course, buddy!

I’m happy to report that neither mommy nor Payton cried when being dropped off at school today. Naturally. He’s a big boy! And he’s so friendly/social that I know he’ll have no problems making lots of friends. I can’t wait for him to start learning how to read and write (more than he already does)!

In honor of the little guy, here’s a slideshow of some of my favorite photos over the years :)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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