The Dark Knight Rises – Movie & Tragedy


It’s no secret that Chad and I were excited to see The Dark Knight Rises last Friday. We’d purchased advanced tickets for the “Extreme Screen” at a local theatre and had planned our dinner and departure times precisely, in order to arrive 90 minutes early (so that we could get primo seating). In fact, I’m pretty sure Chad talked more about this movie than our first wedding anniversary :)

So when I woke up the morning of Friday, July 20, it should come as no shock that I was excited to hear the initial movie reviews and banter on the radio as I got dressed. But that’s not what I heard.

As reports of the Aurora theatre shooting rolled in, I was shocked, appalled, saddened and horrified. I immediately thought of the horrible shooting at Columbine High School, another suburb of Denver. This senseless, random, evil and unprovoked act of violence consumed the media and the minds of Americans the entire day – and continues still. How anyone could think to do this is beyond me, and breaks my heart.

Gone was the excitement and anticipation that had filled me for the days before. Instead, I was filled with anxiety, apprehension and a little bit of fear. After all, if it could happen to them, why not me? Lives changed forever in a matter of seconds – and there was little to nothing that could be done to change it. All day, thoughts and conversations around “What would you do?” filled my mind and mouth – and when we got to the theatre, you’d have been hard pressed to find someone who hadn’t discussed an exit strategy in the event of emergency.

When the lights went down and the movie began, the excitement began to return. About 30 minutes in, I’d completely shoved the Aurora tragedy out of my mind and was consumed by the film and its plot. Thankfully, nothing happened to us or our theatre – we were free to enjoy the final installment in a series we’ve loved for  years. I thought the movie was extremely good – well written, Anne Hathaway did a great job as Catwoman, and it tied everything from the previous films in nicely. It turned out to be a wonderful experience – unlike for those injured, killed or affected by the Colorado shooting.

I would definitely recommend the movie – and I’d also recommend that you take the time to tell the people you love just how much they mean to you. You never know when they could be taken from you.


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