Can You Feel It?


We can feel it! I’m talking about the love from our friends and family on our first wedding anniversary. Thank you SO MUCH for all of the kind words, texts, FB posts and other forms of communication all day long. We are incredibly blessed to have not only each other, but each of you in our lives as well.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we headed to Hot Springs for two days of fun. Well, what was supposed to be two days of fun. More on that later.

On Sunday morning we exchanged cards (I cried) and I gave Chad his present – we’re getting the Redzone Channel! It’s like crack for ADD NFL-aholics like Chad. Needless to say, he was PUMPED. Chad was mysterious about my gift, so off to church we went before making the quick drive down to Hot Springs.

We stopped for BBQ (it was okay, too dry for us) and then headed to the historic Arlington Hotel to change into our bathing suits – it was time for

my present! We went to the famous Quapaw Bath House for a relaxing hot springs spa bath, complete with mimosa bath salts. It was great! After a quick change, it was time to explore the cute shops around town. Before heading to dinner, we stopped into the American Gangster Museum, where Chad’s VIP status as a news personality scored us a free tour. A quick jaunt to a Cajun restaurant for hurricanes and rum runners (complimented by a basket of french fries to hold us over) and then it was back to the hotel for a little R&R.

Dinner was fabulous – we went to an Ecuadorian restaurant called Rolando’s and I had a delicious goat cheese and chicken quesadilla with mango salsa drizzled on top. How great is that?! Chad had the largest item on the menu – naturally – a burrito stuffed with chicken, guacamole and grilled veggies.

We woke up the next morning a little tired – the walls were paper thin and there was a room full of loud children and their grandmother who coughed up a lung every 15 minutes – to some bad news. Chad had to go into work, so our planned trip to Magic Springs (a local amusement park and water park combo) was cancelled. We had a yummy late breakfast (mmm…belgian waffle…) and then it was back to LR.

Even though our celebration was cut short, we had a fantastic time together! It was fun reminiscing on the past year, talking about our favorite wedding and honeymoon memories and thinking ahead to the years to come. As great as the past year was, we know the future is even brighter for us!


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