Canada, You’ve Redeemed Yourself


First of all, let me clarify – Canada has BOTH HGTV and GMA! God bless Am –  I mean… God save the Queen? But can we also save Kate Middleton, because I’m obsessed with her. It’s unhealthy. And Harry too. He’s hot.

But beyond that, Canada has amazing people. I’ve met several awesome ladies and gents here (as well as some particularly attractive waiters) and must say that this has been quite the trip. We’ve learned a lot, seen a lot and eaten a lot (score!) and I’m having a fabulous time. Something tells me that the people I’ve met at this conference will be showing up in my Facebook and Twitter feeds in the years to come :)

Other than one small snafu, I’ve had some amazing food here in Vancouver. Naturally, I’ve been eating a ton of seafood, since it’s a coastal city and it’d be blasphemy not to. After the conference was over today, a few of us girls walked to the famous Stanley Park to see the totem poles and then headed to Yelltown (a super fun, young area of Vancouver) for dinner. We went to Rodney’s Oyster Bar, which has AMAZING food (I had the crab cakes) and only hires attractive male waiters. Nope, not a joke – only hot guys work there. (Sorry, babe – I know you’re probably reading this!) Let’s just say the atmosphere was just as delicious as the food.

But the conference has also been very good. I really enjoyed a presentation by Wells Fargo’s social collaboration team today, and even won a stuffed pony (as did my new friends from the conference – what can I say, we’re over achievers. And now we have a fun game of taking pony pictures in random Canadian locations. Good times!). I’m going to bring it back for Kate :)

I am STOKED about tomorrow – after the conference sessions, the girls want to go to the suspension bridge park with me and be total tourists (one girl is from Calgary and the other is from Atlanta, so it’s totally legit behavior). Get excited!

In short – well played, Canada. You are awesome (though your food and drinks are very expensive!).


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