Luck or Divine Intervention???


So Chad and I decided to hit the gym this afternoon, in an attempt to undo some of the bad eating we plan on doing at tonight’s BBQ. How noble of us, right?!

So after bumming around and cleaning all morning, including doing the dishes and all of the laundry, we decided to take showers. Yes, before the gym. Don’t judge us. I went second and as Chad put the freshly washed sheets back on the bed, I decided to make myself a water bottle for the gym. And that’s when I discovered we had no water.

Yes, 20 minutes after we’d showered and finished cleaning, a water mane busted and left us waterless (along with 5 other buildings in our complex)!! I called the apartment office and they’re not sure when the water will be back on…so needless to say, the gym trip is off. We have a party to go to later, and we’re not about to be the smelly couple!!

So…luck or divine intervention that I didn’t go to the gym today?! Haha!


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