Book Review: Sliding into Home


You know I have a penchant for terrible television, and back when it was on, I loved to watch “The Girls Next Door.” Kendra, being the sporty one, was my favorite. The Playboy lifestyle is crazy and it was interesting to get a peek – albeit tainted I’m sure – into the mansion, something I would never be interested in.

A lot of what was in “Sliding into Home,” Kendra’s first book, was stuff I already knew from TGND and her E True Hollywood Story. However, there were some bits and pieces about her life and life in the mansion that were new to me. (I’ll spare you the details because 1) you probably don’t care and 2) some of them are graphic.) It’s no piece of fine literature, but I was looking for a break from mystery novels – mission: accomplished.

Would I recommend this book? Sure. If you care about Kendra. If you don’t, you won’t be interested. Her personality shines through the entire book, and because I think she’s interesting, I enjoyed it!


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