BREAKING NEWS: I am spoiled and my husband is awesome! Oh, wait…that’s not new information AT ALL :)

Before I left for my trip to Austin, Chad and I went out to an AMAZING dinner. We sat on the patio, drank adult beverages (sangria for me, Corona for him), listened to a live band, ate amazing food, and enjoyed awesome conversation while the breeze blew through my (our?) hair. It was, in fact, an amazing night out on the town.

After dinner, I asked if we could window shop for a few minutes, before heading back home – to which Chad obliged (bless him). Inside the store, I found a purse I really liked and Chad told me to get it – but I said no, since I was probably going to spend a ton of money in Austin in the next 5 days. We left the store and I didn’t think about it again.

That is, until I returned home from my trip and found dinner waiting for me on the table along with another surprise! Chad decided I needed the purse :)

I love it!!!

I’m spoiled :) And also very, very lucky!!! Thanks, Boo!!


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