Book Review: Article 5


On the plane to and from Austin, I finished reading Article 5, a new post-apocalyptic teen book. Clearly I’ve been in a “mood” lately, between Hunger Games, Divergent/Insurgent and now this.

Article 5 was okay. I mean, it was good, I guess. Just not as good as the others I’ve read in the same vein. The story line was interesting and the characters were predictable, but if you liked THG or Divergent, you’d probably like this too – just not as much.

I felt that with THG and Divergent, I couldn’t wait to read more and that I really cared about the characters. Here, not so much. I guess you could say they really didn’t “lose” as much – friends and family members regularly died in the other two books, and while these characters faced hardships as well, it just wasn’t as engaging.

All in all, I’d say you should read THG and Divergent over this. But if you really want to read it, go for it.



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