Austin…You Never Disappoint


Whew! I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Austin, AKA the greatest place on earth (sorry, Disney). While I was in town for business on Monday – Friday, I flew in on Saturday afternoon to squeeze in some time with friends in my favorite city.

Lindsay picked me up from the airport and we dropped my things at the Hilton downtown before heading to her brand new house in North Austin. Well, new to us – technically it was built before we were born :) I must say, her house was AWESOME. 2,500 square feet, but it didn’t feel overwhelming at all – it felt very homey :) After getting the grand tour and enjoying some wine, chips and salsa with her and Luke, we were off to some DELISH Thai food in my favorite kind of restaurant, a hole in the wall. It’s only in a HITW that you can get amazing food, true local flare and dirt cheap prices. Loved it! We then headed to a wine bar and split a bottle of bubbly, as they were half off – it’s like they knew I was coming!

I ended up spending the night at the hotel, since Luke and Lindsay’s AC went out. But they met me bright and early Sunday morning (with homemade scones in tow!) and we headed to the Greenbelt for a hike. It was my first time hiking the Greenbelt, and I seriously don’t know why. It’s exactly the kind of thing I love to do – how I didn’t do it in my short time in Austin, I’m not sure. Mid-way through our hike, we arrived at the dog park and proceeded to stalk (literally, Lindsay ran after) three corgis – mine and Chad’s future dog of choice. We finally caught up to them and got to pet the pups while the owners answered our questions (Luke and Lindsay were also in the market for a dog. I say “were” because two days later, they got themselves a puppy named Benji!) – it was quality. We also talked to an owner of a border collie and watched as the corgis and the border collie played together – it was adorable!

After the hike, we headed to the original TacoDeli for tacos, queso and aguas frescas. YUM! Then off to the Co-Op to buy more things burnt orange (you know, because the three of us have so little UT paraphernalia) and to Whole Foods to pick up a few things for L&L’s dinner. All in all, an amazing day with my BESTIE and her hubby!

No, we didn’t eat ALL of that. We tried though.

After a much-needed shower, Michelle picked me up from the hotel and we went on a food truck crawl. I’ve wanted to try

Gordough’s for as long as I can remember – which is pretty much since it opened and all my friends started talking about it), so we went there, to Torchy’s, and to the Elizabeth Street Cafe. We thought we were going to get to more places, but our tummies could only hold so much! But it was great to catch up with such an awesome friend – just wish we could do it more often!

I retired to my hotel room and watched the Heat beat the Thunder (boo!) and then it was time to start working the next morning. All in all, we made the most of our day-and-a-quarter together, Austin – until next time!!


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