There Once Was an Old Man in a Van…


So, I dropped off my car at the repair shop this morning to get a new starter. I took the shop’s complimentary shuttle to work, which was of course driven by a sweet little old man with a hearing aide. After listening to his life story and yelling my answers to his questions (hearing aide, remember?), he asked me if I had any children – to which I replied “Not yet.”

He then proceeds to tell me about his best friend, who is an OB/GYN at Baptist Hospital here in LR. He tells me how amazing of a doctor and caretaker this man is, and that his granddaughter is the RN in the delivery room for this doctor – so my baby would be in great hands with his BFF and granddaughter at the helm.

As if I were not sufficiently weirded out enough by this conversation, he then tells me his BFF OB/GYN’s name – AND IT’S THE GUY WHO TEACHES SUNDAY SCHOOL IN THE CLASSROOM NEXT DOOR TO OURS! I’m sorry sir, but there is NO WAY that I am letting a man that I see every week get all up in my lady bits – that’s just TMI for the both of us! Sure, he is a very nice man, with a lovely wife and outstanding children and grandchildren – I’m not denying that – but that does NOT negate the fact that he would know WAY too much about me if he were to deliver said baby/ies.

As I got out of the shuttle van, the little old man gave me his card and wrote his BFF OB/GYN’s name on the back, so that I wouldn’t forget. How kind :)


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