Nerd Alert! Awesome Social Media Facts


I was perusing today – probably the best website for professional communicators, if you ask me – and came across this really cool article about social media. It’s in the same vein as the YouTube videos you’ve undoubtedly seen about social media facts (and if you haven’t, here’s one of many).

As a professional communicator and social media lover, I really loved this. Some were new, some were old and some were downright odd! I think it’s great to keep up with the latest trends and information in whatever industry in which you work (Chad reads nerdy meteorology magazines, for example), and the fact that I find the material so stinkin’ interesting just reinforces the fact that I’m in the right career field – which is always a great feeling.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite social media facts from this article:

Facebook: Links about sex are shared 90 percent more than any other link. (This does not surprise me in the least – I’m sure Freud would say I TOLD YOU SO if he were still alive)

Twitter: Twitter handles more search queries per month than Bing and Yahoo combined (24 billion versus 4.1 billion and 9.4 billion respectively). (YOWZA – who knew??)

LinkedIn: LinkedIn’s revenue has doubled every quarter for the last two years. (Is it going from $1M to $2 to $4 or from $50M to $100 to $200? Either way, that’s impressive.)

YouTube: It originally started life as a dating site and was influenced by the Hot Or Not website. (Really?? I don’t see YouTube being an effective dating site – but perhaps the platform has changed a lot since inception. Also, does anyone remember Hot or Not? I remember it being all the rage my freshman year of college – I was disgusted by the idea then, just as I am now.)

Pintrest: Pinterest drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. (That is a LOT of referrals, y’all. If you’re a consumer-facing brand, you are seriously missing out if you’re not on Pintrest and are looking to increase market share/awareness/etc. Separately – I signed up for Pintrest when it first came out, but never did anything with it. However, I regularly get emails about people following me on Pintrest. STOP THAT, Y’ALL! I’m not worth following – I’m not even a user!)

Instagram: President Obama is on Instagram, having joined in January 2012. (Who cares? And this is not a political statement – I don’t care if any country leader is on Instagram – don’t they have better things to do than take hipster photos??)

Google+: The Google +1 button is used more than five billion times per day. (What the what?! Other than a senior executive at my company, who recently joined us from Google, I don’t know a soul who uses Google+.)

Klout: Justin Bieber is the only person with a perfect Klout score of 100. (Oh yes, because Justin Beiber is who I want to be the most influential person in the world. God help us.)



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