Greek Food Festival!


Chad and I went to the Greek Food Festival at the Greek Orthodox Church after church on Sunday, and it was DELISH! We LOVE Greek food and were super sad we couldn’t go last year (I think I was at my bridal portraits…that sounds about right).

Naturally, we headed straight for the gyro line. Chad got a lamb gyro and I chose the chicken gyro, and we inhaled them in approximately 30 seconds. Seriously. They were SO GOOD! And we had to hurry, since Chad had to go to work shortly thereafter.

Our second stop was the pastry tent. Obviously. We chose chocolate baklava (with some help from our friend Katy!) and indulged over the flaky layers and conversation before having to walk back to the car. I wish we could have stayed longer (and I wish we’d had more money – the Greek appetizers were calling my name!!), but it was a great first trip to the GFF. Until next year!

(No pics of us there, as we were in a hurry and didn’t hold onto our food long enough to take a photo. Yes, we are fat kids.)


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