Baseball, Anyone?


Friday night was a night full of food, fun and baseball! Chad and I headed to Dickey-Stephens Park to watch the Travelers (AA Angels) take on the Naturals (AA Royals) with our friends Sara, Katie and Seth.

Sara and I had to do a bit of work first – there was also a group of our coworkers there for an appreciation event, and as the news/communication girls, we had to snap a few pictures – and Chad tagged along. He was totally okay with that, since it meant he got to come into our VIP area with all you can eat burgers, hot dogs and popcorn :) After the first inning or two, we headed to our seats on the third base side, where Seth and Katie were waiting for us.

Sadly, the Travs did not win – but I’m headed out to the day game now, so maybe we’ll have better luck today! It’s a team building activity :) We’re also going next Thursday for a church outing – so much baseball!! LOVE IT!!!


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