100 Days!


Today marks the 100 Day mark until our 2012 VEGAS VACATION!! I am PUMPED and already VERY ready to have a vacation and to spend a week laying by the pool by day and gambling by night.


I’m lucky to have SUPER fun in-laws, and they’re coming along on the trip with us (Chad’s mom, step dad, sister, her boyfriend and Chad’s best friend). Considering we regularly stay up until 2 a.m. playing games and having fun on our “normal” times together (but really, “normal” isn’t this group’s strong suit), I can’t even imagine what Vegas has in store for us – or what we have in store for Vegas!

What’s also super exciting is that I’ve booked lunch for Chad and me at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant when we arrive. We’ll have just enough time to get to our hotel and get comfy for a bit before we head over to the Paris for an awesome lunch overlooking the Strip, before the rest of the family shows up. WHOO HOO!!!

The view from the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in VEGAS!!!


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