DELISH & Easy Baked Ziti


I know this isn’t a food blog, nor could I ever claim to be a chef of any kind – but every now and then I come across a recipe (always of someone else’s creation) that I just have to share. This is one of those.

I don’t know about you guys, but my husband LOVES pasta. I’m pretty sure he had it 4-5 days a week before we got married. (He doesn’t any more because he loves his skinny wife more than his pasta – which is a LOT of love.) So whenever I make pasta in any form – spaghetti, lasagna, tortellini, etc. – he is overjoyed. And I’m overjoyed because pasta recipes tend to make at least two days’ worth of meals for us, which means I get the next day off from cooking. SCORE.

On Monday when The Hubs came home from work and said “What’s for dinner?” and I said “A surprise!” and he got really excited. It was my first time to make baked ziti (not sure why, it just was), and it had about 15 minutes left in the oven. When the timer went off and I pulled it out, the smell of delicious meat sauce wafted through our townhouse and we couldn’t wait a moment longer – it was time to dig in! After blowing on each forkful in an attempt not to burn our mouths, we dug in – and it was DELISH!!! Seriously, it was heavenly. And SUPER simple! Two thumbs up.

Seriously - doesn't that look delicious??

You know a pasta recipe is good when I eat it two nights in a row. I typically leave all leftovers to Chad and avoid eating pasta in consecutive days. Not Tuesday. Tuesday, I happily reheated some of this baked ziti and savored it all over again. Heck, we may even have it again today – it depends on how much is left after The Hubs ate it for lunch :) (Yes, I’ve prepared ingredients for an alternate dinner, just in case – FEAR NOT!)

So, seriously. Go to right now and check out the Baked Ziti I recipe (or just click on the link I just gave you). I made my own spaghetti sauce because I’m a spaghetti sauce snob and have the world’s best recipe (that I invented), but I’m sure the jarred stuff would work fine (as indicated in the recipe). Let me know how you like it! But be prepared to have TONS of leftovers if you’re not serving a group :)


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