To Houston and Back


We woke up bright and early Thursday morning and headed for the airport with one destination in mind: Houston! My sister picked us at the airport, and this pretty face was waiting for us as well :)

Pretty girl :)

Our first stop, as always, was for Tex-Mex. I hadn’t been to Gringo’s since high school, so I immediately inhaled my body weight in green sauce. It was also Chad’s first time to meet our sweet niece, and this picture warms my heart :)

What's not to love about this picture?

We picked up the Monkey Child (otherwise known as Payton) and headed to mom’s house. After some fun, it was time for Lillybug to take a nap – so I volunteered to cuddle her :) I love that Payton’s getting a hug from my mom in the background!

Sweet baby girl :)

And then it got dark – and I was STILL holding Lilly. And then thoughts of “I could totally do this” started creeping in my head and Chad definitely had the same thought. We’re on a five-steps-till-baby plan (1. find a place to live 2. buy a house 3. get a dog 4. go to Europe 5. have a baby), so that won’t happen any time soon, but when it does, I think it will look a lot like this:

Nothing sweeter :)

On Saturday, we shopped. I got 3 dresses, two pair of pants, a pair of shoes and a pair of earrings. Chad got sunglasses and a trip to Hooters. He’s a great shopping buddy! On Sunday, we went to Brooke’s softball game (my 10 year old cousin who has a crush on Chad) and then to Payton’s soccer game. If you’ve never been to a 5 year old’s soccer game, I suggest going – it’s comedy GOLD!

Sadly, then our trip was over. However, I leave you with this – a picture of Lilly in the outfit that Uncle Chad and Aunt BB got her :)

Lilly loves her outfit! :)


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