Book Review: Graveminder


Have you ever read a book that gave you nightmares? I have. This one.

Graveminder starts off pretty scary – so scary that, if read before bedtime, it would give me nightmares. The Hubs quickly put the kibosh on that and said I could only read if I allowed a few hours for my mind to shift before bedtime. Bless him.

The plot of Graveminder is complex at first, but it’s explained pretty well – you won’t be confused or miss out on story elements because you’re trying to get your facts straight. So here goes: The town of Claysville, many decades ago, made a deal with Death that nothing bad could happen to their people so long as they cared for the dead in a very specific way. Two people would be known as the Undertaker and the Graveminder – a man from a certain family and a woman from the Barrow family. The Undertaker is the only person who can open the portal between the living world and the dead world. The Graveminder is one who “minds” the graves of the dead (duh) – she provides them food, water and conversation so that they remain at rest. The problems arise when someone isn’t properly minded or buried. Then that person comes back from the dead and starts killing folks. You can see how this would be an issue.

The two main characters are Byron and Rebekkah. Byron’s dad and Rebekkah’s grandma are the Undertaker and Graveminder at the book’s open, but shortly thereafter one of the dead comes back inexplicably, and murders Maylene (Rebekkah’s grandma). So there has to be a new Graveminder – guess who? And since there is a new Graveminder, there has to be a new Undertaker – guess who? The rest of the story is all about these two figuring out their new roles in life (they previously had no knowledge of anything to do with this) and trying to stop the dead people who are killing other townspeople. There are various nuances that come along with the town’s deal with Death that are interesting – but you’ll have to read the book to find them out :)

Overall, I’d say this was a good read. The beginning can be scary at times, but it definitely tames quickly. I know this kind of thing isn’t for everyone, and I’m not sure I’d read another book like this again, but I will say that it was really good for what it was.

Also, I’m pretty sure the author is a nutjob. Just read her bio on Amazon.


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